1. Thanks for the material on Summerfield. My great grandmother, Caroline Frances Buyck was a student there before her marriage to William Edward DeBardeleben and I have one of her report cards sent to her father, Edward L. Buyck in Buyckville, which was near the Coosa/Elmore County line.

  2. Thanks for this information. I am trying to confirm that the Daniel Norwood mentioned on this page is the same as my ancestor.

    Daniel Hough NORWOOD
    BIRTH 13 NOV 1802 • , Dallas, Alabama
    DEATH 11 FEB 1844 • Summerfield, Dallas, Alabama, United States
    4th great-grandfather

    I’ve seen some places with a Rev. in his title and on this page it is Hon. (Judge?) But the date of death could mean this is the same person….depending on how many Daniel H. Norwood of Dallas/Summerfield!

    1. Good luck in your research! Maybe you could see some handwriting to prove it.

  3. Why did it become a ghost town?

  4. […] Charles W. Ferguson, of Birmingham, Ala., was born at Summerford, Dallas county, Alabama May 18, 1855. His parents were Frederick Guthrie and Lucinda (Hale) […]

  5. First, I’d like to say that I really love this site! I grew up in the Summerfield area and I never knew its history until reading this. When browsing the pictures I immediately recognized a few of the buildings. It was kind of surreal seeing pictures of them close to a century ago. I enjoyed this piece!

  6. David Sanders
    Claire Middlebrooks Roberts

  7. The music we could do without, good pics though.

  8. […] of Mobile; John W. Pratt, of the University of Ala.; W. C L. Richardson, of Summersfield; (Summerfield?) F. C. Bragg, of […]

  9. Wish I could read through old class rosters from the 1830s-1852.

    1. Lori Adams I would like to do the same.

  10. I grew up a few blocks away and didn’t even know it existed until I was grown.

  11. The HABS photos from the 30s of the school are amazing.

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