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Biography: Samuel Beekman Alison born August 12,1867

Happy Birthday! SAMUEL BEEKMAN ALISON BIOGRAPHY and GENEALOGY (1867-1963) Dallas County, Alabama Samuel Beekman Alison, physician, was born August 12, 1867 at Carlowville, Dallas…

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BIOGRAPHY: Elisha Wilson Holland born November 30, 1844 – photograph

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ELISHA WILSON HOLLAND BIOGRAPHY and GENEALOGY (1844-1929) Shelby County, Alabama   A well-known citizen of Shelby County was Elisha Wilson Holland, a member of…

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A true ghost story from Marion Junction in Dallas County, Alabama that made it all the way to Philadelphia in 1892

Have you ever heard of the ghost who pulled his coffin in Marion Junction, Alabama? This story involved many respectable, local citizens of the…