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PATRON – Lead & silver mine discovered in south Walker County, Alabama

On June 25, 1874 – a lead and silver mine was discovered in Walker County, Alabama.

Here are the News headlines From Birmingham Iron Age Newspaper June 25, 1874

  • A rich lead and silver mine is said to have been discovered recently in the Southern part of Walker county.
  • Miss Jennie Fox of Marengo county, Miss Fannie McAlpine of Galveston, Texas and Miss Fannie Hawley of Marion, are the honor graduates of Judson Female Institute this year.
  • The grand jury of Barbour county finds that the probate judge has been allowed since 1868, $9,087 for extra services, when the greatest amount allowed by law in that time is $1,250.
  • Gen. E. W. Rucker has been appointed General Superintendent of the Selma, Marion and Memphis railroad.
  • Three car loads of ore from the copper mine recently opened in Randolph county in this State, near the Georgia line, sold in Baltimore for $1,200 in cash.
  • Some of the energetic men of Mobile have taken measure to establish a cotton factory of large proportions and propose to do it by fixing the stock at $25 a share.
  • A Missionary Baptist Church near Greenville, expelled a member a few days ago, because he had become a Granger.

Walker County, AlabamaWalker county map

  • The Democratic Postmaster at Jacksonville has been removed, and a Radical put in his place.
  • The Marshal of Tuscaloosa has been impeached and deposed for inefficiency.
  • Dallas county has a negro candidate for judge of the criminal court.
  • Talladega farmers have corn for sale, at 80 cents per bushel
  • The oat crop in Clay county is almost an entire failure.
  • A friend at Warsaw writes: “The cut worms are utterly ruining many fields of cotton on the overflowed lands. I have never seen nor heard of the like. Crops are only moderate.”
  • At a recent meeting of the nominating convention in Tuscaloosa, Mr. George Simpson was nominated for Marshal, and the following resolution was adopted: Resolved, That all white citizens of Tuscaloosa who vote otherwise than for said nominee shall be regarded as Radicals and treated accordingly.

Blount SpringsBlount springs cinderella falls

  • Major J. A. Curry and family, of our city, are now enjoying the good things of Blount Springs.
  • Jno. A. McIntosh living two miles North of Birmingham on Village Creek, had his wheat thrashed on last Friday, and it ‘turned out’ ninety bushels from six bushels of seed.
  • Ice – While ice is retailed in Montgomery at 2 cents per pound, and in Selma at 2 1/2, we, in Birmingham, are compelled to pay 5 cents per pound, and for very small-looking pounds at that-when we can get it at all, for there is no regular ice business transacted. The water from the Reservoir is unfit to drink in these very warm days, without a cooling process. We want a regular Ice-house in this city, with the price put at living, not killing rates.

Will the Chairman of the Street Committee oblige many ladies by relaying the plank walk to the “Relay” from Odom & Samnells’ corner? It has already been too long neglected. The delay is wholly unnecessary.

Relay House, Birmingham, Alabamarelay house Birmingham

  • On Tuesday last we had the pleasure of meeting our friends, Messrs James H. Franklin, J. H. Robinson, R. C. Keeble, Judge P. G. Wood, and others from Selma, at the Relay House. They are on their way to the International Convention of Young Men’s Christian Association, at Dayton, Ohio. The party left here on Tuesday at 1 p.m., and no doubt reached Dayton last night. They were much pleased with Birmingham progressiveness.
  • The newest Barber Shop in Birmingham is at the Allen House 1st Avenue. Bob Calavier keeps it, and invites the custom of the gentlemen of this city. He promises to do his best to please.
  • Married – In this city, yesterday afternoon, 24th inst, 6 o’clock, at the Presbyterian Church, by Rev. James Waison, Mr. H. P. Matthews, of Navasota, Texas, and Miss Etta Hughes, of Birmingham.

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  2. Dors it state exactly what section of South Walker County it was located in?

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