1. Joshua
    .couple of good books on early Alabama., and available on kindle

  2. Conecuh county: birthplace and childhood home of Paternal Grandmother: Rhoda Gertrude Adams (Old Town) all the Adams family. Family migrated to Pace, FL. Where she married HUBBARD HENDERSON of Santa Rosa County

  3. Times were tough not that long ago for many. Our Terminex man shared with us that his mother,at times, had to sift weevils out of flour to make pancakes.

  4. Not exactly the good old days. Our ancestors were tough and determined. I wish I could hear their stories.

  5. Scott Slayton before life changing sausage was made there. Interesting story.

  6. Debbie Foley Russell, this was interesting to me. You might enjoy

  7. Great stuff. Love Alabama history.

  8. I enjoyed reading this article.

  9. I love reading stories from my cousin from the past, he was such a great writer, historian and great Professor too.

  10. Mother always pinched off the mold on bread and we ate it. I still do, much to the consternation of my children.

  11. Mold on cornbread is a proven digestive aid.

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