1. Samuel W. Oliver, mentioned here several times as a state representative and state senator, was my great-grand father. He was speaker of the house for several terms.

  2. My 3 xgrandfather was a member of the MIller Guards CSA.
    Great article and very interesting history that I did not know.

  3. what is the meaning of people just posting other people’s names?

  4. Just don’t mess with the Conecuh sausage.

  5. I’m attending SERFI this week at the Evergreen airport. Great to know the history of the county.

  6. The 1st photo is in Peterman, Alabama. It is near Burnt Corn but in a small Monroe County community. The brick structure shown picture left is Charlie Floyd’s store. The white structure is Jimmy Salter’s store. Both now closed.

  7. That’s a picture of downtown peterman al in monroe county that’s used in the article

  8. Yeah, that is definitely in Peterman.

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