PATRON + Some cotton mill children went to school if you can call them schools [old photographs]

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  1. […] were required to work in factories to help support their families rather than attend school. Some Textile Mills tried to solve the problem by setting up schools next to the factories so children could attend […]

    1. I would bet they learned more there than the kids do today.

  2. My mom went to a mill school in Fayette Alabama

  3. My older siblings attended the Avondale Mill school in Pell City, Alabama.

  4. I’m glad someone had a little foresight, I want to believe any kind of school is better than no school at all.

  5. There was a Mill School in Opp AL. Not sure when it was founded.

  6. Thank you for featuring a bit of Merrimack Mill Village history!

  7. Lincoln School in Huntsville was apparently a good school.

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