1. Why did they build so close to the road?

    1. That’s the way it was done years ago; times were much slower (no cars or trucks). Folks would stop and talk to the families on the porch, and the roads were just lanes, much smaller.

  2. Zoning Restrictions. Other people in wide open spaces has plenty of room to grow.

  3. Is this on N. Merrick ave ?

  4. Yes My mother in law , Erin Andrews ,was born in this house and lived there till her Marriage to James H Kelley, Sr. they moved back into the house when my husband was three years old. He lived there until we were married. W L Andrews was her father.

  5. I think it may be on Broad street old Dowling-Carroll Matthew house based on the article.

  6. Is/was this house on Owens Street? Looks like my grandparents house at 55 Owens Street (Homer and Gladys Chambers).
    Thank you.

  7. This looks like a home on a street in south Winfield , Al.

  8. My grandparents house on Owens Street. Believe they purchased it in 1939. It was sold in 1992.

  9. My grandparents home in Ozark. Bought in 1939, sold in 1992. Lots of changes made by new owner-believe it is now a doctor’s office. So many memories!!

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