1. Mr. Ellis would have loved this site. He brought up some of this in our 9th grade Civics class. I love refreshing my memory with these tidbits from Alabama’s past.

  2. I’ve enjoyed them as well…. Hated history in school but see it differently now!

  3. A good article! I grew up in Rockford, and my parents told me many stories about “Indians”. I wish I could remember those stories-they were not too far from my parents time! Now are mostly lost. It’s a shame. I would not doubt that Coosa was more populated in Natives a few hundred years ago than it’s population today.

  4. You would probably like following this page, Doug Stone

  5. Jan Ware O’Neal, Kristy Edwards Montgomery

  6. Gina Greenwood Mitchell so this is the reason you love the Coosa so much.

  7. Thank you for this very informative history posts.

  8. […] Source: Coosa County, Alabama was in the middle of the Creek Indian War – Here’s why – | Alabama Pione… […]

  9. Because it must have immediate to Mobile County – location location location.

    Or maybe it wasn’t?


    Life of Jackson looks nothing like what Jackson’s account of the same period looks like as reported to the Secretary of War during the time period in question.

    Which one is wrong – the actual letter of Jackson or anyone of those named authors who are likely anonymous pen names…

    Think about it.

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