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  2. are the above pics of Pettway plantation etc. included in the Al Footprints Exploration Vol1. or can these photos be purchased ?
    thank you

  3. Wilcox Co-Poorest county in ALabama–I spent time there in an alabama prison road crew-1988-oct-

  4. […] (Click to see more images, film and the story of Skyline Farms in Jackson County, Alabama and Gee’s Bend in Wilcox County, […]

  5. […] making bedspreads at Gees Bend, Alabama 1938– This was also part of the National Youth Administration Program. (Library of […]

  6. They are known for their quilts

  7. Melanie Stickler Falconer

  8. I actually got to help with the hydraulic system on the new “Green” running ferry at Gees Bend.

  9. Awesome picture- I love the dignity in that child’s face.

  10. Slaves were not Americans, they were property, therefore applying the misnomer African American is simply that, a misnomer, as it is for black Americans who are descendants of enslaved Africans. Bothe can not be the same since one of each is incorrect.