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    1. LOL – I’m sorry – Hope you made it to work on time.

  3. Some of my family worked in this mill. I remember it very well.

  4. Its a shame we can’t get a good sheet to sleep on anymore. Most are made in china now and its like sleeping on sand paper .

  5. LOL VICKI Chandler…. Good thing I’m retired!!!!!

    1. You can accept it as a part of history in the South, or skip the story.

  6. I miss that place. I remember it burning a ashes as big as my head landing in my dad’s yard.

  7. My maternal grandparents, great-aunt and Uncle and kids left TN mountains and came by muke and wagon to Huntsville to work in Dallas Mill. Anither if my great-aunts lived in the “mill village” on Oskwood until she passed away in the 70’s.

  8. Dallas in Huntsville was one of the largest mills in the state, I don’t know how it compared to Avondale in Birmingham. Mill work seems to have given some of those boys attitude. I guess they needed a hard edge to survive the tough work at that young age.

  9. Look like a chapter of the Bowery Boys…..

  10. Guess the owner anticipated the North American Free Trade Agreement with Mexico; good thinking!

  11. We lived a few miles from the mill. When it burned down our yard had so much ash in it that it looked like it had snowed. A couple of years later I worked in the remaining building and it was one of the most interesting places I have ever been in.

  12. all that white privilege 🙁

  13. Children, denied a childhood and an education all for $$$$$. Shameful.

  14. Alice Farrow
    Liz Hayes

  15. I don’t see any snowflakes in that picture.
    A different generation, a better generation.

  16. These young men went to work at 13-14 and were ready to serve their Country at 17…now they protest and complain till age 26 on the taxpayers dime only to flip burgers or live off good hearted family members…lots of young men started trade jobs back in the day and gave up their formal education…just sayin.

    1. DerrickandAmy Heckman, well said !

  17. Janie Elliott Jenkins

  18. That was a beautiful mill. I remember ash the size of dinner plates from that fire in my father’s yard.