1. My ancestor John Dudley received a land grant as payment for his services in the Revolutionary War in present day Russell County. The family cemetery has a bronze plaque attesting to this. Is there a book that mentions the Dudley holdings in Russell County?

  2. I do not think that any Revolutionary War bounty lands were granted in Alabama. The Continental Congress did not grant such land because it was broke and sold the western lands to speculators. Some veterans or certain heirs, if they lived long enough (1828 and later), were paid for the land that they never received. State military bounty land was granted but not in Alabama.

    Lands for military service was given to veterans and their heirs for later wars in all federal land states, including Alabama, starting in 1842.

  3. My ancestor Reuben Blankenship had land in present day Coosa County. His gravestone with DAR marker is in Hatchet Creek. He fought against the British in Virginia. Is he in this volume? I did not see him in your prior volumes.

    1. Hello,

      Reuben Blankenship was my 5th GGF. A reason he may not be included in the book is he was not a native Alabamian. He was born and raised in VA and migrated to AL after the war.

  4. That’s where our farm came from, we still have it today.

  5. my ancestors got 100 aces in Georgia

  6. Georgia was in Alabama

    1. James L Slaton Is that the same as more stealing?

  7. Love these stories!

  8. Did they also capture airports?

  9. My problem is a 5th great grandmother who purchased AL land in her name in 1821 so she was a widow and I can’t determine her husband’s name. Her son purchased land at the same time. All in Monroe County, Al. She is my brick wall. I know the Foster and Hollingsworth families traveled from North east Georgia to Monroeville together. And of course the courthouse with the records burned in 1820.

    1. Just l I ke my Crane Perry Conner and Glasgow all left SC and GA and settled the Heflin-Anniston area

    2. Jeff Crane the Old Federal Hwy brought many through GA to Alabama.

  10. Jackie Jackson Broughton

  11. My ancestors came out of Ga. And N.C. And settled in Ashland and Rockford. They were the Rainwaters and Paschals.

  12. Andrew Jackson gave my 3G grandfather Hezekiah Moor(e) two square miles of land in the Mississippi Territory for his service in the Creek War. His farm eventually became downtown Leeds, Alabama.

  13. Wrong British Flag. The red St Andrew’s Cross for Ireland was not added until 1802.

  14. Love that George Washington