1. In my opinion, the most topographically beautiful county in the state.

  2. My gg-grandmother was Mary Jane ‘Molly’ Doran, the daughter of Samuel Lowery Doran and Linney Russell of Doran’s Cove in Jackson County.

  3. There is no Santa Creek or Santa Cave in Jackson county; you were apparently misinformed or its a typo. SAUTA Creek and cave, however, are here and named for the Cherokee settlement of Sauta, (pronounced ‘Sauty’ by most of the locals), that was located between hiways 72 and 35. There was once a historical marker on hiway 35 near Larkinsville that described Sauta, and told of Sequoia, who invented the Cherokee syllabary, once living there. There is North Sauty which runs under highway 72 west of Scottsboro, and South Sauty is on the other side of the Tennessee River, at the foot of Sand Mountain. Both are popular boating, hunting and fishing attractions here in Jackson county.

  4. I agree with Ken Berry. SAUTA, SAUTY is correct not santa . Thanks for this article about our BEAUTIFUL county! Mr. CARLUS PAGE, a local historian, wrote extensively about the history and genealogy of Jackson county, which he fondly named “the Switzerland of Alabama”

  5. I have visited Paint Rock and Woodville many times, exploring back roads, trying to get a feel for my ancestors’ living environment. It couldn’t be more beautiful!!

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