1. My gr. Grand father died 40 yrs before Al. Became a state and grand father died 13 yrs before Al. Was a state. I often wonder what Marion county, Alabama looked like then.

    1. Your great grand father died in 1782 and you grandfather died in 1809??? This indicates that your dad was born before 1810??? How old are you then? If your dad fathered you at 100 then you would be 117 now???
      Check your facts, please. I think you missed at least two generations.

    2. Frog Price see the update sorry don’t know what really happened. I guess not proof reading.

    3. Alabama became a state in 1819 + 76 = 1895 , my great Grandmother was born in 1898 and I am 61 , interesting story

  2. I live on part of the original plantation owned by the Walthall family. There family coat of arms, featured a caption saying, “a bird in the hand, is better than two in the bush”.JERRY HILL

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