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And Away They Go – they disappeared overnight


And Away They Go – they disappeared overnight


Inez McCollum

A few years ago, a painter was putting a fresh coat of paint on our house. My husband came into the house chuckling. A hummingbird had spotted the red stitching on the hip pocket of the painter’s white pants. The hummer was on its way to check that out and stopped just short of his target.

Children love hummingbirds

When my grandchildren were toddlers, they took great delight in looking at the hummingbirds circling the feeder outside my kitchen window. When one of my sons and his family moved from the area, his son, Greer, drew a picture of a hummingbird circling the feeder. Greer’s Mom sent it to me.Ruby-throated hummingbird

Ruby-throated hummingbird from

Lady from Russia had never seen hummingbirds

One September a young lady from Russia was a guest in my home for a week. She had never seen hummingbirds; so really enjoyed looking at them. Each evening just before dark, she would stand on the steps, camera in hand and snap away as ten or so birds circled the feeder.

I have seen magazine articles about people holding some of the nectar in a red container and standing very still as hummers drank the refreshment. I have attempted that; but could not keep still long enough.

The disappeared overnight

Those birds disappear overnight. I definitely miss that bit of entertainment and feel that they have taken part of my joy with them. Come next spring, I will be ready for them!

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About Inez McCollum

Inez McCollum grew up in Etowah County.  Married Mack McCollum, a BI-vocational minister.  Moved to Birmingham to work while he worked and went to Howard College/Samford University.  Inez and Mack had three sons, Jay, Joe and John.  They bought their first home in what is now Hoover.  Inez continues to be active in Shades Mountain Baptist Church and some of the civic organizations in Hoover.  Inez also enjoys reading, travel and spending time with friends.

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  1. Beverly Davis

    Mine are still here in Wetumpka. They usually leave in mid October.

  2. Kathryne Magnuson

    Loads of them in Chilton county

  3. Kermit Lollar

    Still coming through CENTRAL ALABAMA !

  4. Suzanne Mitchell-Burrow

    I have a feeling when the temp. drops tonight, that they will on their way by Sunday evening.

  5. Carol Blakely Scott

    I still have some. Not as many as a few days ago but a few are still around.

  6. Susan Fowler

    They’re still here in Fayette, AL

  7. Jannice Lowery

    I’ve had about 5 this morning.

  8. Gale McDonnell Fuller

    Here yesterday and gone today!!!

  9. Roger Barnett

    Still some in Hartsella saw one this morning.

  10. Brenda M Jones

    Still here in Anniston Alabama.

  11. Ronnie Hubbert

    So many I can’t count them in west alabama. Emptying two feeders a day

  12. Joe Hamilton

    I’m out in So. Oregon and I saw one in mid November , ya it was pretty chilly ~

  13. Sue McCalpin Cross

    I had about 5 this morning in Franklin County .

  14. Judy Taylor Kozee

    Still here on the Eastern Shore.

  15. Betty Williams

    We still have them here in The Woodlands, north of Houston.

  16. Robert Commerford

    I put up a feeder and get more than a dozen visits each day if not more. They even fight over it.

  17. Jo Ann Archer

    Most have left, still have 2 for sure here at my house in Lawrence County, AL.

  18. Katrina May

    I got a few left in Royal. When do you take the food away?

  19. Ryan Morrison

    Have had quite a few today

  20. Diane F Shelton

    20+ here in east Lawrence co Al!

  21. Chris Baxter

    Had over fifty this morning in holks bluff

  22. Judy Taylor Kozee

    According to my Alabama Birds copy, the red throat humming birds stay in Southern AL all winter. However, I think some do migrate because I don’t see many in the coldest months although I still keep the feeder out.

  23. Evelyn Ford

    I love on Saraland,Al in Mobile County. We still have hummingbirds feeding every day

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