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Probate Judge of Lauderdale County was assassinated

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(Transcribed from The Centreville Press, Centreville, Alabama January 11, 1900, exactly as written)

Judge W. B. McClure, probate judge of Lauderdale county was foully assassinated last week while on his way home. He was riding along the principal residence street of Florence when some one shot him in the back, nine buck shot passing through his body, and his death resulting instantly.

The body remained lying in the middle of the street all night in the rain, being discovered by a negro woman after daylight.

Blood hounds were brought from Tuscumbia the next morning, but owing to the rain, could find no trail.

Florence, Lauderdale County, Alabama (Wikipedia)

The coroner’s inquest held by Justice Smith could obtain no clue whatever.

McClure has been probate judge eighth years, and had four more years to serve of his present term. He leaves a wife and large family of children.

His life was attempted several months ago, when he was shot in the face with a pistol. There are several theories as to assassination, but none are based on any kind of knowledge.

Court Street in Florence, Alabama, on a Saturday afternoon ca. 1910 (Alabama Department of Archives and History)

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