PATRON + SATURDAY SECRETS – Kid gloves were usually only for the rich – here is how they were cleaned in the 1890s

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  1. I loved the feel of kid gloves. When I graduated high school, 1956, our class of 38, took a class trip to New York City. My Aunt Eloise, who worked at Belk Hudson, outfitted me with a dress and short jacket, a med heel shoe and beautiful ‘kid-gloves’, cream colored, for my trip. I wore, these a couple years later when I went to work at the Pentagon, Washington, D.C. and was a hit with everyone. I loved those gloves and had them until a few years ago, when I found them in their ‘safe’ place, all crumbling from age and I learned later they needed fresh air. Oh well they had a long run and I enjoyed them. This article reminded me of them. Thanks for your interesting posts!

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