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PATRON + RECIPE WEDNESDAY: Spanish Rice recipe from the 1920s

Learn how to cook like our grandparents with this recipe from the 1920s Spanish Rice 2 cupfuls of stewed tomatoes 1 cupful of boiling…


PATRON + SATURDAY SECRETS – Have you ever wondered how to renew old crepe fabric? Here is how our ancestors did it

Woman's mourning bonnet in hard crape, c.1880 (Wikipedia) Click to learn how to Become a Patron! Crape/Crepe is a silk, wool, or synthetic fiber…


PATRON + SATURDAY SECRETS – Have you ever tried to remove wall-paper from an old house? This is the paste that may have been used

Wallpaper was the rage in the 1890s and this is the way our ancestors made the paste to hang the wallpaper from wheat flour.…