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PATRON + RECIPE WEDNESDAY: Corn “A La Southern” 1924 Recipe

CORN "A LA SOUTHERN" Scraping corn 1935 by Arthur Rothstein (Library of Congress) 1924 Recipe from Alabama Extension Service 2 c. corn 2 eggs…


PATRON + SATURDAY SECRETS – Have you ever tried to remove wall-paper from an old house? This is the paste that may have been used

Wallpaper was the rage in the 1890s and this is the way our ancestors made the paste to hang the wallpaper from wheat flour.…


PATRON + SATURDAY SECRETS – The missing or lost sock dilemma seems to have been around for ages according to this 1890s story

Evidently, there was a problem with personal clothing and garments being lost in the 1890s just as there is today. They seem to have…