1. So interesting of the familiar names of local people who were in the movie.

    1. It was a who’s who of Montgomery

  2. Interesting. Same year my grandfather and brother moved into Momtgomery from Hope Hull to start a automobile repair business that was on the Mobile Hwy.

  3. I wish people would quit celebrating the treasonous confederacy. They’re still doing it today. It’s unpatriotic.

    1. I am so glad we celebrate the Confederacy! The ideals the ancestors of Alabama fought for (limited government, self determination and freedom from an overbearing Federal government) are all important and attributes worth defending. Additionally, the self sacrifice, patriotism and bravery taken to fight off a murdering, burning and raping invading army are worthy to be remembered and celebrated.

  4. Teresa you are obviously not very educated on the subject. Before making such claims in the future make sure you are properly on the subject before opening your mouth please!

  5. What was the name of the film…don’t think I recollect?

    1. “Present and Past in the Cradle of Dixie”

  6. wow…loved seeing this!

  7. Wow ! Thanks for this !!

  8. I wonder if some of those houses are still standing. Would be neat to replicate the binocular view of the city. It’s fun to watch everybody gesticulating – men pounding the table, shaking their fists, women blowing kisses. Many of the people who reinacted this were most likely grandchildren of Confederate soldiers. And some of the men probably died in WWI fighting for the United States of America.

  9. Nice find! Marcia Eastep Newman

  10. MaryBeth Jemison; Houghton Smith

  11. The Col Harrison actor appears to be M. B. Houghton, the owner of Morningview.

  12. Such a joy to watch this! Thank you for making it available for us to view.

  13. So amazed. The attractive people and the beautiful homes! I loved seeing the Jefferson Davis part of the film. I must purchase “Tapestry of Love” series if it comes in BOLD print.

  14. This was at the Morning view mansion

    1. Greg Dickey ,Yes,near the corner of Ann Street and the Atlanta Hwy .One of the circular ,stone planters from this card can still be seen in front of the upholstery shop on Ann Street .

  15. Where was that? Was it where Morningview is today? Or near So Perry street

  16. Beautiful look female orchestra members

  17. This was the Morningview mansion that was just north of Lee H.S. torn down in the ’70s

  18. Magananaka gakiyane