1. I might have seen one of these in the wild recently in Paint Rock Valley. It was white with a few brown spots.

  2. That sounds more like a fallow deer.

    1. I looked up fallow deer and I think you may be right. The tail was long and stood straight up when it saw me. It had a more stocky appearance than the deer I usually see around here.

  3. What happened afterwards? Were they all released? Did they die off? Why aren’t there elk in AL now?

    1. The answer is at the end of the article under the last picture. They were affect by a ‘wasting disease’

  4. Never seen elk in Aabama.

  5. Disappointing that attempts have to be made to bring back a species when the bill could have been put in place before all the native species were wiped out. Regardless I’ve never seen any elk, mountain lion, or the various wolf species that also used to roam here before they too were wiped out. Hopefully one day will get the opportunity to see all of these in the wild.

    1. Don’t they have lodges to??

  6. Insurance companies will never let this happen. Lobbyists are the reason the State Wildlife Commission allows full season of does to be taken in an attempt to lower the statewide deer population. Insurance companies claim they pay out too much for deer and auto collisions. The only way it will happen is on private owned high fence ranches costing thousands to have have the opportunity to kill one. Not hunt one, as I don’t see it as hunting if it’s fenced.

  7. Been here 56 years,haven’t seen one yet..

  8. no .it would be cool to bring them back as well as the buffalo

  9. I think the punch line is “yes ma’am that’s your elk just let me take the saddle off of him”

  10. Like when they decided to let bears loose in North Alabama a few years back. My first hint of that brilliant program was calls saying, “Tommy, do you know there is a bear in your yard?”

  11. There are wild elk in the Tennessee mountains.

  12. $25-100 fine.. There are plenty that will happily pay that fine and kill one anyway. It must be at least $1000 first offense

  13. Bryan Taunton here is your squatch in the woods.

  14. I hear they are going to release some into bank head national Forrest to try to repopulate them here in alabama. It ofcourse will be years before you can hunt them. Probably won’t see elk hunting in alabama in my lifetime. Bob white Qual were also hunted to near extention here. But they are on the incline

    1. Quail wasn’t hunted to extinction, fox, coyote and loss of habitat are to be credited for that. Coyote and loss of habitat are primarily responsible I believe.

  15. Born and reared there and never saw one.

  16. I don’t remember seeing any. Not even in 1910.

  17. I live in Alabama, Thanks for doing it

  18. How did the city of Elkmont in Limestone county get it’s name?

  19. Michael Jones owned several Elk farms near Hayden before he died. There were a lot of Elk on his farms.

  20. My father managed the plantation estate where Mr.

  21. My father was overseer and manager of the plantation where Mr. Allison kept the elk in Sumter County. He and Mother lived in the big plantation home which was called The Lee Place.. I remember having heard them speak of the elk.

  22. We have an Elk River in north Alabama, maybe that’s where it got its name?

    1. They did, I found some fossilized teeth there. Last Elk around 1825 there.

  23. I’ve saw elk in elkmont….been around 10 years ago but we had video of them..

    1. I have also seen a elk up that way me and a old friend was coming back from Clarksville Tn and we was driving south on interstate 65 and the best I remember we was in between elkmont and Athens we happen to spot it just walking and grazing out in the middle of one of them huge open fields on side of the road through their I snapped a couple of pictures with my phone but everyone else besides my buddy that was with me thinks I’m just crazy or pulling a prank but no it was for real he had a very large rack that’s the only elk I’ve seen in the wild so I pulled over and watched for a few minutes I was blown away about how big they are he was huge compared to the white tailed deer I’m used to seeing and I think it was in 2010 or 2011

  24. Interesting. Elk today in western North Carolina.

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