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FUNNY FRIDAY: Efficiency was the keyword in these marriages in Arkansas in 1838

In 1838, Arkansas couples married quickly according to this humorous article

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(Transcribed from Lexington union., Lexington, Mississippi, November 24, 1838)

We like the way they do in Arkansas. There is no simpering, nor fainting, nor no such sort of frippery doings about their belles. When they are courted, they either marry or let it alone as soon as possible. Five matches, it will be seen by the following, were consumated under one roof, and at the same time, on the 2d ult. in Izard county. There is sense in this, as Izard is a frontier county, and she needs fresh and athletic soldiers to form a bulwark against the incursions of the Indians:

MARRIED – On the 2d inst., by Michael Wolfe, Esq., at the house of Asa McFelch, Mr. James A. Harris to Miss Sara McFelch; Mr. Amos Freeman to Miss Sarah Weatherford; Mr. A. G. Gullet to Miss Sarah Nicholson; Mr. Wm. Clifton to Miss Letitia Weatherford; Mr. John Mulvany to Miss Polly Ellison, all of Izard County.

Why should we bachelors single tarry,

When Izard’s sons by fives do marry?

By fives they go unto the alter,

And put their necks within the halter

Go it, Izard, and you will soon be out of danger from the frontier Indians. Batesville News

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