PATRON + TOMBSTONE TUESDAY: Funny tombstones and epitaphs

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  1. Go out to Dodge City and there is many Bat and Ed Masterson helped to take a dirt nap.

    1. I like this one:
      “Here lies the body of Julian Grey,
      He died while taking the right of way.
      He was right, dead right, as he sped along.
      But he just as dead as if he’d been wrong.”

    2. Good ones at Tombstone, AZ! Like……HERE LIES LES MOORE

      1. Old Johnny Cash Song.

  2. Tombstone, Arizona boot hill;
    Here lies Les Moore
    Four slugs from a forty four
    No less no more

  3. ridiculous,,,get a life,,

  4. I’ve told my wife I want this on my tombstone:

    “I’ve Been A Long Time Leaving
    But I’ll Be A Long Time Gone”

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