This is every Genealogist’s Christmas Wish!

A Genealogist’s Christmas Wish

Dear Santa: Don’t bring me new dishes,
I don’t need a new kind of game.
Genealogists have peculiar wishes
For Christmas I just want a surname.Christmas-Tree-History-2

A new washing machine would be great,
But it’s not the desire of my life.
I’ve just found an ancestor’s birth date;
What I need now is the name of his wife.

My heart doesn’t yearn for a ring
That would put a real diamond to shame.
What I want is a much cheaper thing;
Please give me Mary’s last name.genealogy automatic family record

To see my heart singing with joy,
Don’t bring me a red leather suitcase,
Bring me a genealogist’s toy;
a surname with dates and a place.

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  1. LOVE the poem, perfect

  2. As for Mary’s last name….it was Smith!

  3. I what Santa to bring me a new Geneagoly Computer Program…Merry Christmas…

  4. Julie Cartledge I think you might like this

  5. I want Santa to bring my whole family together one time for Christmas.

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