1. Toured here about 5 years ago, taking my husband and his best friend on a tour of Selma and Cahaba. Good times! 😀

  2. I’ve been there. Pretty. But not spooky. 😉

  3. Toured there a few years ago…. went with my son when they were having their Plein Air art festival. Selma is a beautiful town.

  4. Banksters–haunting indeed.

  5. I wrote a piece for Lake Magazine on the haunted Sturdivant house in the ghost town of Sturdivant–between Jackson’s Gap and Alex City.

  6. Grew up with The Hall always nearby and prevalent. – Sorry, not a single ghost story observed or experienced related to this beautiful edifice….now, can’t-won’t say the same for several other locations around our dear and memorable home town….

  7. I really enjoyed this. Would love to visit this mansion.

  8. […] Read more about the history of Sturdivant Hall in John Parkman, ruined banker, and his daughters … […]

  9. In the 80 s I work there every other month

    1. Did you ever see any ghosts?

  10. As a reenactor, we have had the Grand Ball in the house and on the grounds. There were always ‘sentries’ posted in various spots. We had folks at the ball complain that someone’s children were upstairs playing and kept looking out the windows. When someone went to check, there was no one upstairs.

  11. trish robertson johnson

  12. I lived 1 block from Sturdivant Hall from 1965 to 1972. This place along with many others in Selma are deemed to be haunted. I have been to all of them and seen and heard a lot of things. I can’t explain them but did see and hear.

  13. I love to read these stories about the older generations and their life happenings

  14. glad to fine these stories I love all of them

  15. I collect Mrs Katherine books I love her stories.

  16. I saw her a couple of times at a theatre in Birmingham. Always enjoyed her stories and listening to her.

  17. She wrote ghost books about Jeffrey and mother has some of them from when she taught school. Mrs. Curry the elementary librarian was Mrs. Windham’s college roommate.

  18. My husband and I lived there in the servants quarter’s apartment that they staffed with young couples from Craig Air Force Base in the early 70’s. We knew nothing about it being haunted until we agreed to take residence. While keeping my bosses’ kids they had me read The Thirteen Famous Ghosts of Alabama. Imagine my surprise when I found out that the beautiful mansion we were moving into was haunted. The first night we didn’t sleep much. My husband armed himself with one of his weights under his pillow.. I asked him if he was going to throw it through ole John? Needless to say MANY encounters occurred over our time at Sturdivant Hall and were witnessed by several of our friends and family. I have too many stories to tell. I could write a book myself. We fell in love with the people of Selma and they took this young newly wed Arkansas couple under their wings and loved us like their own. We miss all the memories and friends we made during that special time in our lives. We took our children back years later. I believe ole John made his appearance while we were there. RIP John.

  19. I’ve been by Sturdivant Hall many times but never stopped in for a visit. I especially enjoyed hearing Mrs Windham, she was truly an Alabama treasure and is dearly missed. Particularly poignant to me is her soft spoken accent. It is the same accent of my beloved granny. She and Mrs Windham were of similar age and class and both reared in Clarke county. We have lost so much of our culture and history with their passing.

  20. Knew this amazing woman, my sons met her when they were very young, she was a great story teller.

  21. She was a school friend of my mother in law. My husband always thought of her as some old lady friend of his mother’s…too funny.

  22. Miss her too!! Knew her well, a good person, always enjoy being around her.

  23. An Alabama treasure.

  24. I used to love hearing her stories when at, times they were played on the radio. She told them in such a wonderful way. Her writings were (and are) very interesting as well.

  25. Melanie Stickler Falconer

  26. I am so thankful that I got to see her in person. She was just amazing!

    1. Peggy Oliver Green Me too!

  27. Yes! She came to an Elementary School and spoke to us in Birmingham!! So thankful to have heard her tell stories.

  28. My family and I heard her telling stories several consecutive years at Sloss Furnaces. They were excellent. And we have several autographed books.