1. Venesia Mitchell this is about Hartselle.

  2. April Bolan Mathews Beth Britt Serda

    1. Wow!!! How interesting! Never heard of this!

  3. How interesting. Who would have ever thought of anything like this happening in beautiful little Hartselle?

  4. I ordered one of the footprints books. This is very interesting.

  5. Had to be from Hanceville right? lol

  6. I had heard stories about this robbery. My father, Milford Osmond Slate, had told me about The Great Bank Robbery as he grew up there in Hartselle and his father, Charlie Slate was a policeman there but I am unsure of the years he was an officer there. He said rumors had it that the robbers escaped through an underground waterway which runs under the town.

  7. I heard John Dillinger came thru New Market and shot the place up .

  8. Ashley, just making sure u knew of this site. Figured u would like it!

  9. Amazing! That was “modern times”

  10. Deborah Johnson Jones, any idea?

  11. Ron Huie Could the L&N agent be some of your kin?

    1. Jeff Fuller maybe not sure

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