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PATRON + GOOD OLE DAYS: Young children practiced speech with mirrors in 1937

Speech and Voice Are Important Points by Olive Roberts Barton From Tuscaloosa News, Aug 2, 1937 When our children grow up, we want them…


PATRON + GOOD OLE DAYS – Do you remember when the words, “Mad Dog” struck fear in your heart before we had the vaccine for dogs?

UPDATED Mad Dogs (Transcribed from Times Daily August 8, 1890, Florence, Alabama Three dogs reported to be mad, (hydrophobia)  were killed in East Florence…


PATRON – Winston County, Alabama – Newspaper accounts from 1890 reveal much about politics in Alabama before & after the War Between the States

Winston County, Alabama's opposition to the Confederacy is briefly mentioned in the novels To Kill a Mockingbird   and Paper Moon: A Novel (formerly Addie Pray) Tap…