1. Had a GG Grandfather who lived sometimes in MS and sometimes in TN. Thing is, he lived on the same piece of property his entire adult life. It was the state line that kept waffling back and forth.

  2. i have to reminding me of this , that until the 1850’s there was no Walker or Winston Counties…

  3. Last name Mander, first name Gerry.

  4. Walker County was formed on Dec. 26, 1823. Winston Co. was formed on Feb.12, 1850, from what was part of Walker County.

  5. During my life time the address of our family home was Helena, Birmingham, Siluria and finally Pelham. Before I was born it had been Highland and who knows what else.

  6. Very interesting boundary line(s) comments. The advent of the postal zip codes has changed, merged and even eliminated some town and city limits even more. Some of us can remember when we got and sent mail with the ‘RFD route number’ as part of the address.