1. Sam Harris

    Pennie Jordan Ivey Jordan.

  2. Jerry Mead

    They look so sad…..

  3. The Mary J. Dowling McLean in the transcript is my gggrandmother. Dan McLean Jr. was my ggrandfather and one of his sons Edward Newton Mclean was my grandfather and my father was Newton Malone Mclean. I have never found out any information on Dan McLean Sr. married to Mary. I would like to know if he was dead at the time of Mary’ death or what was his status. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Gee, with any luck at all, someone will be able to help me. My 2nd ggf William S. “Billy” Gibson was born 1818 in Henry County (Now Houston). The earliest census records states “Chipola Beat.” I understand The town is no longer there. He married Sarah “Sallie” Anderson. I was always told that my grandmother, Ruby Gibson, was Indian. The lived on the road that goes from Molino, FL to Atmore, AL so I thought she was from the Poarch Creeks. That did not pan out. Yesterday, I saw a depiction of where the Creek Indians were in the early 1800s and it encompasses the Chipola area Billy was born. So I was hoping someone could help me out. I’ve been investigating the Melungeons and the Red Bones. My DNA shows most of my ancestry in this country comes from the Carolinas (supposedly SC but the circle is pretty big!) I have a great deal of Scottish heritage; I knew that. But I have olive skin and when I was a kid, my hair was so black, it turned blue on the ends in the summer sunshine. My fathers side settled in what was Washington Co., AL the first county in AL; now Wilcox Co. and stayed there 5 generations. The originated from the Cape Fear area and I can’t get past Neill Beard first record found in 1746 when he bought land from his soon to be father-in-law Stephen Hollingsworth. They were quakers up north, but Stephen became a Baptist preacher. Anyway, I would really like to know where Billy came from. I know his father was born in SC but I don’t know his name. And I have looked for years. Same with the Beards past Neill. I recently had my DNA done and that made me question a lot of things. I’m currently waiting on what the Gedmatch site comes up with. Ancestry messed with my head… ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED. THX

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