1. Johanna Davis Weeks I wonder if are any of these Max’s Weeks family from West Blocton?

  2. Martha Barksdale, Barbara Williams, Rebecca Clayton

  3. I believe the third picture’s location is wrong. It says it was taken in Sand Mountain, which is located in Jackson & Deklab Co. in NE Alabama. The first 2 say Ft. Payne. Which puts the first 3 pictures from the same area.

  4. Sad, it only takes a minute to put the year and place on the back of the picture.

  5. It’s sad , my Great Aunt donated my Great Grandfather’s confederate uniform in 1960 for the upcoming centennial, lost now forever .

  6. Well is it not the responsibility of the archives to ascertain the facts when they accept the donation? Seems to me that that is part of their job.

  7. That’s at old Breman Al post office

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