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Is this the last Mountain Lion in Alabama?

Many people commented and responded to the story  The Last Panther in Alabama – or was he? that was recently posted on AP with their own experiences. We decided to request pictures of any Panthers that people have seen in Alabama and post them on the website.

This photo was taken behind the Dollar Tree in Clanton, Alabama by Lisa Lockhart Hargreaves last week.  She is an employee there and has spotted it before near the dumpster.  One crossed my path a few years ago on Airport Road at dusk.  I know what I saw. (Gina Boulware Willis)

Blake Smith responded and sent the following newspaper picture from St. Clair County. As far as I have been able to determine this is the last positively identified Mt. Lion killed in Alabama. A.D.Hare is my great uncle. (Blake Smith)



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  1. Nope. We have them here now. According to my insured farmers.

  2. Recently saw one dead on the side of I-20 just after the brompton/Moody exit west bound

    1. Didn’t take a pic? I would have loved to have seen it.

  3. Nope. Many different people (myself included) have seen more than 1 standing on the rock bluff at the woodville mountain cut on hwy 72 in Jackson county.

  4. I grew up in south Alabama, Escambia County, and we heard them or panthers scream several times. It’s quite a scary sound when you’re 8 years old and dusk is falling.

  5. Not the last. Although the State DCNR says they are not here there is too much evidence to the contrary.

  6. All the game cameras in use in AL and nobody has a picture?

    1. Not to mention that everyone with a phone has a camera in their hand.

  7. Nary a day goes by when I don’t have to fight my way through a dozen or more panthers just to get to my truck in the mornings.


    1. Lol are you kidding?


    3. Not always….and the picture was taken quartering away, not broadside

    4. Oh, you must be talking about the black cat.

    5. Looks like a house cat in that picture.

    6. I think that is just a black kitty cat… A big one, yes, but just a cat.

  9. Old picture. See how faded it is. Not the last one. Everywhere there is mountains you will have mountain lions or cougars

    1. Of course it’s faded, it’s from 1948.

    2. That looks like the tanish colored animals I saw there and the same size if not smaller, as the black ones I saw there

  10. there was a dead Mt lion on I-20 rite before the tallapossa exit 8 years ago that was only 10 miles from the state line

  11. Read the updated story to see a live picture of one taken last week in Alabama.

    1. Honestly looks like a house cat. The head is out of proportion to be a lion plus the small tree. That kind of grass does not grow 15 feet tall. There are black ones and tan ones there but this just does not look like the animals I have seen there.

    2. I had a huge black cat, almost 20 lbs. He looked like one from a distance. That’s how I learned about the difference in the tails

    3. That cat to me looks to talk to be a house cat ..js

    4. I know it’s something big. She wouldn’t get any closer with her camera phone.

    5. Made from the back door.

    6. That is a black house cat named panther. Nothing exciting and nothing new.

  12. Panthers still exist on Lookout Mt. near and around Little River Canyon.

  13. Interesting. Especially since there has never been a documented black Mt Lion…ever…anywhere.

    1. EXCEPT for the ones seen by people.

    2. Just like bigfoot.

    3. Just like good Ford trucks and pretty women that CAN COOK……they may be rare but they do exist!

  14. If that is a black Mt. Lion it is the only one that has ever been seen in North America.

    1. Picture was made by my friend. I don’t understand all the naysayers. Nothing to gain at all personally by sharing. Just hoping people will be aware. Obviously, these creatures are very shy. It’s amazing to see it in broad daylight. I am glad they are not gone. It is a real picture of a very large cat, Blake Smith.

    2. All I’m saying is that it is the only one that has ever been seen, not just in Alabama but anywhere in the United States.

    3. I need to go set a trap. That thing is worth a fortune.

    4. Nah…let it be. It gives me hope to see such a thing. We live in a great, beautiful state, that is just a small corner of the beautiful world God created. Lots of things are possible. This thing IS. 🙂

    5. Me becoming rich by catching the only known black Mt. Lion is more important.

    6. I saw 1 in Shelby co. in the late 50’s and 1 in Chilton co. in the mid 70’s. They are HUGE.

    7. Just don’t kill it. Don’t you wonder…are there a few more? From the little I know about big cats, I gather they have a wide territory. Do they always have a den, or can they be travellers, like bears?

    8. By the way, I am a shy person by nature. Putting something like this out there and knowing I might be criticized took some bravery on my part. I just hate controversy and the way people talk to one another. Also, I hate lies.

    9. Blake Smith Just because YOU have not seen one, it does not mean others have not. Stop painting with such a broad brush!

    10. Oh I wouldn’t kill it, it’s worth much more alive.

    11. Yeah….put it in a cage to be MISERABLE AS HELL the rest of it’s life so YOU can make money off!

    12. Well yes, but also for science, I would let them examine, and take dna from the only black Mt. Lion known to exist. Of course I would have to charge them for the dna and blood.

    13. SMH No wonder all the BLACK lions stay away from the public!

    14. I don’t think that they know that they are black.

    15. I’m certainly not bad mouthing the lady that posted this, just giving mho. It may be just a bad angle etc. I have seen the large cats in your state, no doubt in my mind they are there. It does pmo that anyone would think of capturing a beautiful wild animal like that and trying to profit off it! Unless they try to harm you or yours, LEAVE THEM ALONE!

    16. I do it for science. It is the only black Mt Lion known to exist in the whole world. It’s important that scientists study it.

    17. You should donate your brain to science….NOW THAT WOULD BE A GIFT TO SCIENCE!

    18. You are absolutely right! That’s why I have alreday donated my body to science. I’m a giving person. For the good of humanity.

  15. I’d set a trap, that thing would be worth a fortune.

    1. You have shown WHY you are posting.

    2. You keep talking like that on fbook and the game warden will visit you. A buddy was joking around about 6-8 months ago about his son killed a black bear lol he even called the chief of police and told him the joke he did on fbook …they laughed but chief told him ..your gonna get a visit ..expect it ..he did . And NO THEY did not kill a bear …it was a joke but it got serious real fast . Idc what you do your life or time so trap on trapper.

    3. My uncle was the game warden for Coosa County for many years…and yes…that’s right, they will come after you.

    4. I have an up to date hunting license.

    5. Blake Smith ZOOOOOOOOMMMMMMmmmmmm! Right over your head!

    6. Bless your heart, Justin.

  16. You can still find them in Deer Park! I’ve seen them myself laying around by the hunting camp, about 8 of them! A few years back in Georgetown, a friend’s father came out to find one on the roof of his car.

  17. I know for a fact they are in south Alabama I lived down a one lane dirt road that borders Fl. It is about 3 miles long and there are black cougers and the brown ones in the woods there have seen and heard them before

  18. I believe mt lions and panthers r 2 different animals i live in pike cty and there r panthers around here

    1. Panthers and leopards are the same. Mountain lions, puma and cougar are the same.

  19. I dont it very much

  20. I’ve seen brown & black panthers/cougars/wild cats or whatever else you want to call them. Know others who’ve seen them as well, all in Butler County. I’ve heard one screaming at night in Ft Deposit. They are certainly present in Alabama.

  21. Mountains lions are here. I won’t tell you where….

    1. While i was Deer hunting i saw a blk one. in the WOODS GOT PIC ON GAME CAMERA.

  22. I hope everyone gets to see one in his/her lifetime. I am amazed at the world God created. Alabama is beautiful, and we are blessed to live here.

  23. I Am a tugboat captain I saw one on the sandbar south of the Demopolis about 10 years ago

  24. No. There are plenty of them

  25. Anthony Campbell Jr….lmao

    1. DNR (game warrden) will argue theres no such thing as black panthers. Well they right. Cause they are really Black cougars and yes they exist i dont give a damn who says no. Im a Woods Man ive spent half m’y life in a tree I know.

  26. I was fortunate enough to come face to face with one 1995. It was a hot summer August day, and I was riding my three wheeler on my Grandfathers land outside Evergreen, Al. It was black, about three feet tall, with light brown spots on it. I know they exist. No one can convince me they don’t.

  27. There is one in autaugaville haven’t seen cat with my eyes but his track is huge

  28. what is the difference between (BLACK CAT) PANTHER I WAS TOLD & the lighter colored tan colored one.COUGAR, Mountain LION?

  29. I know where i saw one captive in FLA.

  30. I have pics of same. Not for publication.

  31. NOPE! We have them on our mountain!!

  32. Timing is incredible because I saw a cougar yesterday around the Millbrook area. My little cannon was not equipped to take the picture. I did study the cat for several minutes as it lounged in the morning sun on the railroad tracks.

  33. My mother-in-law swears that a cougar ran across the road in front of her car when she was leaving my house. This happened about six years ago. She was on Hwy. 31 and had just crossed the county line from Autauga County into Chilton County. She was just past Chilton Co. 63.

  34. I saw a black panther/ lion in the ’70s. I understand a family of them lived in a junk yard near the airport in Clanton. My daughter also saw it. They are very real.

  35. Hell no!!!!! There won’t be one left if you post a pic or where it is!!!!! Leave them alone plz!

  36. In the early 70’s, my Mother and I were lost somewhere past Eclectic trying to find the turn off to my Grandparents lake house on Lake Martin. On a narrow paved road a very large tan cat leaped to the middle of the road, then quickly jumped again and disappeared into the trees on the other side. It was much bigger than a Bob cat with a tail that seemed longer than its body. We stopped the car and looked at each other in disbelief! There is no mistaking what we saw. I’ve told this story many times, and was told by a wildlife biologist that we indeed did see what people today call a”Florida Panther”.

    1. Socopatoy is a good Place to start

  37. Bibb County also. I have seen one there.

  38. It looks like a house cat to me. I’m not saying they are not here but I don’t believe this photo is a panther.

    1. Looks like a black cat

  39. Go to Jackson county there is a whole family of them. Also on another topic there is Bald Eagles in Jackson county. Then in madison county I’ve seen one about a mile from my house.

  40. Black ones have never existed to my knowledge.

  41. I have seen two at different times in Clarke Co, Alabama many years ago. They migrate through here around March

  42. When I was a teen we all know there were some in Brookwood.
    And about 15 years ago I was told about a mother and 4 babies, all black, in the country in Blount Co. Another person told me there are Mt Lions in the Smokerise area in those hills. Saying there are none us just wishful thinking.

    1. JoAnn Kyzer Doty my mom and Granny had always said one was in brook wood back in them days too

    2. JoAnn Kyzer Doty : when we moved to Greenpond in the 80’s I saw a large black cat from across a 40 acre field. I was told at the time that is was a “Painter”! I believed it then and still do .

    3. Kimberly Malone Morris they talked about it screaming in the woods.

    4. We have to be open to it.

  43. They are in Autauga county too

    1. Reed Brown I saw one in the field in front of our home when I was a kid. We lived in Booth.

  44. I’ve seen one in Fosters and I remember them being in Navoo probably 30+ years ago. They were killing calves.

  45. Saw tan one killed on 65N about 4 years ago. Unmistakeable.

  46. It wasn’t black, but a mountain lion crossed Highway 79 at Pinson in front of my car about 3 years ago.

  47. I have seen one eating on a carcus in the ditch about a mile from my house in Lowndes County, Al.

  48. We have seen one on Oakwood Mountain in Huntsviile a few years ago.

  49. I worked the telephone company and worked cell sites many a night. I saw one run across not far from Clayton in Barbour county. Ran right in front of me in the middle of nowhere. It was a black panther. I was used to seeing ever creature you could ever see driving to these cell sites in the middle of nowhere. It was one.

  50. Show me a footprint and then we’ll continue.

  51. My husband and I saw one in our yard on January 01, 2017 . We lived on bluff overlooking the Alabama River In Claiborne,Alabama.

  52. I don’t have any pictures but I’ve seen two one was in Elrod Alabama and the other one I saw was in Pickens county a few miles past Zion community

    1. Ronnie Pearson might see anything in Pickens County. Aint nothing there lol.

    2. Ronnie Pearson saw one in Buhl on Booth Town Road. Lived on the hill above the creek. Was checking mail and saw it crossing the road by the creek. It was huge, 1978

  53. ive seen one in Moody Alabama on the railroad tracks about 8 yrs back.

  54. Not by a long shot. There are plenty of them in Alabama.

  55. It seems to be like some Wildlife is not decreasing but increasing.

  56. That’s a house cat…

  57. It’s been a few years but we saw one crossing over Alabama Highway 5 between Kimbrough and Anne Manie.

    1. Leon Parker Andrews II I have seen one crossing close to Turkey Creek about 2 miles South of where you are talking about.

  58. I’ve heard one scream in north Dallas Co. just a few months back.

  59. I’m 99.9% sure I saw one near Dogtown in Dekalb county a few years back.

  60. One crossed highway 69 in Cullman county right in front of me 4 or 5 years ago early one Saturday morning.

  61. No panthers to report here in Mobile county, but I’ve bagged a cougar or two.

  62. Very much still around talladaga national forest

  63. I saw one in Dale County close to the town of Clayhatchee years ago.

  64. It’s all the same one. He’s fast!

  65. Fish and game will tell you….. There are no panthers in Alabama!?!?

  66. I’ve seen one in Fosters and I remember them being in Navoo probably 30+ years ago. They were killing calves.

  67. I’ve heard reports, and know a couple of friends who say they’ve seen them in my area. I’ve only seen the brown ones, but I believe the black ones are out there too.

  68. The black ones are Felis Jagouarundi. Not common, but not uncommon in Alabama. They are not acknowledged as present because of fallout after the northern spotted owl controversy in the northwest. The presence of an upper tier predator that is on an international threatened and endangered species list would have caused a few problems for clearcutting timber. Sightings are up dramatically since about 1990 due to habitat loss and migration for survival.

  69. We have at minimum two in the Remlap/Pinson area. At one time it was at minimum four but that included a mother and two cubs maybe a year old. I have recently seen a blonde adult cougar and a black adult cougar. One strolling through my neighbors and my yards with a “gangster strut”. Kinda like the bears we did not have or were just traveling through. Ten years ago, about a mile from where Dollar General is now in Remlap a bear was hit and killed by a car, and low and behold it was tagged by Alabama Fish and Game/Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. I called the game warden and he came and got it. I have seen bears in this area since 1979 and cougars before that.

  70. I think they said this was just a cat on the news…..i honestly cant remember if anyone actually made a confirmation or not…. But my folks are from mississippi just across the state line. Many years ago i was sitting on mammaws back porch and something big and black ran thru the woods parallel to the porch so i could see it longer than if it ran directly into the woods. The dog ran down by the woodline. The dog had short legs but was my only comparison…but it was def bigger than that dog. Def bigger than like a lab or something. Noone around had Great Danes or english mastiffs lol and it didnt run like a dog. So idk what it was but i was scared to go into the woods for a while. It ran super fast across. I always swore it was a black panther because of the legends. But i saw where someone recently shot and killed a black deer. U know how we have white ones, well there are black ones too. So im wondering if it could have been a black deer because the deer population is ridiculous over there. They need hunting season all year around. I swear you cant go more than 10 feet without seeing a deer down my mammaws road lol. Idk. It just wasnt anything that was normally around there thats for sure.

  71. We’ve seen a female with cubs in Auburn, AL around Chewacla State Park.

  72. A black panther is either a leopard or a jaguar. Mountain lions do not come in black. The photo above looks like a house cat to me. There is no reference point to it’s judge size.

    1. Celia because it is a house cat.

  73. Heard one scream many years ago in Pinckard AL.

  74. I’ve seen one that looks just like that in Pike Road, Al.

  75. There are black panthers here in Selma Alabama I have seen one and there are cougers here as well as black bears and bobtail wild cats and I’m happy we have these beautiful animals. Please don’t no one go hunting and killing them.

    1. Andrew Michael Holloway

  76. So the ones in Jackson County are oversized house cats?

  77. I saw one in Plantersville.

  78. We have seen them at our hunting club.

  79. One at the dump on 69 highway

  80. A black long tail crossed hwy 82 on the north side of Eufaula in 1978. A friend saw one just like within a few days near Lakepoint, just a few miles from my sighting.

    1. I saw a mountain lion crossing Highway 82 about 15 miles west of Eufaula in 1996. It was brown in color, not black. A friend of mine has a tract of land about 10 miles west of Eufaula on 82 and his neighbor’s wife saw one there about 10 years ago.

  81. I grew up around Real Island on Lake Martin in the 60’s and saw them several times.

  82. I’ve seen a huge black panther in Ozark just last year

  83. Seen one run across the road headed to work, Tuscaloosa Co,. around 1986

  84. I saw a huge black panther in Ozark just last year. I was all alone in the woods with it with no weapons. Had to hide in a ditch and thankfully it moved along

  85. I saw a black panther at Hidden Creek in Pelham about 5 years ago , it was early morning.
    I was in total shock & amazement by its size and Beauty !

  86. No pictures but I saw one in Cullman County in the Baldwin/Springhill area.

  87. Almost sure I saw a brown one last week outside of Opp…

  88. A panther ran across a dirt road in front of my car in the middle of the day. No mistaking what it was, with a tail as long as it had. We also had a bear on our land. A game warden came and tracked it and found tracks and hair in the fence. We have the plaster mold of the footprint. This all happened in Lowndes County.

  89. There is one in Calera. It was tan in color with no spots. I saw it cross in front of my car one night and I saw it standing off the side of the road in broad daylight.

  90. You people are insane! There has never been a melanistic mountain lion recorded in history so a black mountain lion doesnt exist. If you really saw a large black cat it would have to be an escape leapord or jaguar pet. As for the rest of you at least your claims are of an animal that exist, but I’m gonna need some real evidence to believe you saw a lion in Alabama.

  91. Big black cat. Zoom lens make it appear larger.

  92. People swear there’s one in Cleveland.

  93. Come here to my home in Cleburne co and set up cameras during matting season and you will see several. I have even had them on my car and porches. I can even take you to a hollow where they may still stay.

    1. Kate Swigonski not really. They stay far away from people.

  94. I know for a fact they are in Choctaw County see them very often

  95. I believe they exist in Cleburne, Clay, Talladega, & Calhoun Counties in the Talladega National Forest. There are many remote camera on trails that proves they do live here.

  96. If you have large herds of deer you have large cats, at least in Alabama.

  97. One was caught on a security camera behind Sons Grocery in Jasper, Walker County.

  98. Lowndes County has them. I saw one in Braggs on County Rd. 7. That one was fawn colored. Also a black one was seen on 21 at Dry Cedar.

  99. If I remember correctly, my dad’s friend caught one on a wildlife camera several years ago near Flat Rock AL.

  100. This picture looks like it’s not real. Does anyone else think the cat looks odd in the picture ?

    1. Sabrina Peinhardt Hudson agree

    2. Because it’s a house cat.

  101. Mountain lions black now?

  102. I’ve seen 2 in Alabama in the last 8 years, but the cat in that picture isn’t a mountain lion.

  103. There are large cats in rural Alabama, many people have seen them, myself included. However, to me, this picture appears to be a photo enhanced shot of a house cat.

    1. Sonja AndDan Blackstone yep, agree

    2. Sonja AndDan Blackstone they are with us thank God

    3. I agree, the tail is too short. A panther’s tail is as long as it’s body.

  104. Yes, we saw one twice in good light on two different days. Black, big and long long tail. They are here, been here and are here to stay.

  105. Looks like a panther to me.

  106. That’s someone’s house cat.

  107. No black panthers in Alabama

  108. That’s a house cat but there are probably a few cougars in Alabama.

    1. Buddy Hayes I know that there are a bunch of cougars in alabama because i used to mess around with a few of them

  109. Cossa County has both Panthers and Mountian Lions. Talladega Co. also. There was a M.L. last year in a woman’s yard about 4 miles from me. She lives on the edge of the national forest.

    1. Carlie Thornton Panthers and Mountain lions are the same thing and there is no evidence they live Alabama.

    2. Brandon Ivey well dude in my neck of the woods Panthers are black and Mountain Lions are a blonde color. I HAVE SEEN A PANTHER WITH MY OWN EYES and that cat that was after those horses died a few days later right before it pounce for lunch on a new born foal. My dad saw that one. It WAS NOT a bob cat!!! I know the difference. Same stories with black bears until they started showing up every where. They DO exist in Alabama.

    3. Carlie Thornton sorry but Jaguars are the only big cat with the genetic ability to be black. Panthers AKA mountain lions are not genetically capable of being black. There is zero evidence of any panthers in Alabama since 1956. This isn’t my opinion it’s just simply fact.

    4. Listen I am 51 one years old and have lived in those woods a long time. I know what myself along with the rest of the locals have witnessed. I’m quite sure some have been brought in over the years. Do you really think they would tell you? They brought in all those dang coyotes and now we have way to many. Ask any game warden and they will tell you big cats don’t exist here but us locals know better.

  110. There’s one in Coffee County, a black one ( panther, I believe ).

    1. Karen Williams Smith there sure is! I saw him on my way to work one morning. He crossed the road in front of me at a spot where deer had crossed in front of me before.

  111. Probably a whole lot more than we expect there to be.

  112. There’s black panther’s in Trafford, Alabama. Jefferson county. My dad always talked about them but I didn’t believe the stories until a hunting club I leased the property to hunt deer caught the Panthers on several game cameras. My property 85 acres sets next to 200+ acres that is next to the 5,000+ acres that use to be underground coal mined then strip mined in the 1970s. There are still plenty of caves and old that weren’t closed up. I am young however my dad would have been almost 80 years old if he was still alive.

    1. Andi Georgette Jojo let’s see those pictures

    2. Brandon Ivey they were taken 8 years ago. My computer got a virus and I lost my data. I guarantee you there’s other people including cousins and friends who have seen the panthers.

    3. Andi Georgette Jojo I believe you

  113. I know people who have seen two in different locations

    1. Michael Franks I’ve seen the original. It’s a house cat no bigger that some of the 8 inch tall flowers in the back ground.

  114. Way back in the early-mid 60s my mom swore each summer she heard a panther scream, said it sounded like a woman screaming. This was in West Mobile County on the western bank of Big Creek Lake between Wilmer and Tanner Williams.

    1. Dave Cooper I live in the south end of mobile county and I’ve heard them scream.

    2. Dave Cooper those are bobcats

    3. Bobcats in heat sound like a woman being murdered … it’ll make your skin Crawl.

  115. Nope, we have em here on Pine Mountain.

  116. I’ve seen them in Monroe County more than once.

  117. MACON County has them

    1. Yes tan ones also, I guess that would be a mountain lion or couger

  118. They had one in eastern nc killing dogs etc. Local vet said it looked like big cat damage. State agent said there hadn’t been any in the east for 150 years. Two guys who swore they saw evidence and eye witnesses the cat were ignored by state. Caught it later on trail cam.

  119. No there are plenty more.

  120. Naw. There’s one on Bull Gap mountain in Hollins

  121. Was one in allgood for years

  122. I believe there are panthers, but that picture looks horribly fake.

  123. I spotted one on our land back in 2003. No one wanted to believe until a neighbor’s horse got attacked revealing claw marks down its’ back. Lee County.

    1. Cherry Bruce I also seen one in Guntersville al 2014 behind Walmart off hwy 205 nobody belived me and a year latered our neighbor horse was attacked

  124. They was brought here to help with the coyote problem year’s a go. The government has lied about them for years. Just telling the truth.

    1. Scott Thorpe I heard the TVA has a mountain lion breeding zoo on one of their abandoned generation sites. They feed them runaway children.

  125. A lot of sightings and zero pictures.

    1. Brandon Ivey I beg to diver son , havnt seen no black cats but I guarantee you mtn lions exist cause I feed one to keep him from eating my ducks and chickens lol

    2. Dane Trump then simply do what no one else has done, get pictures. You would be the first person to provide evidence.

  126. This sounds like a way for hunters to find where big cats are living.

  127. In my opinion, they never left. Their pops just got super low. There’s a reason the state regs never took “Cougar/Mt.Lion” off their prohibited list year after year since 1947. This pic here seems to be a common house cat.

  128. Had one run across the road in front of me on the Walker/Jefferson county line.

  129. We have a pair of them here in north Baldwin county. The male is big and black and the female is brown. Had the female on trail cam one night carrying a 8 pt buck by it’s neck. The head of the deer was towards the camera is how we counted his points. They have a wide range they live and hunt in so we only see or hear them about 2 times a year. Never caught any cubs on camera so not sure where she has her litters if she has any.

    1. Bobby Lee they pass about twice a year

  130. Nope they are still around

  131. Looks more like a black panther to me. My grandpa used to tell us about them and bobcats around Perry County AL

  132. There’s always been mountain lions in Alabama and they will always be there. White tail deer and mountain lions go together, predator and food source.

  133. Roy Smith here you go

  134. I’ve seen a black panther in near Guin, AL about 10 years ago. Bryan Softley, do you remember that? I think you were with me.

    1. Jon Jochum i have no clue what that was i just know it was big and fast…

    2. Bryan Softley It was very big and took up like half of the road with that long tail!

    3. Jon Jochum I saw one near Wayside while hunting up there.

  135. Have seen them at my mother in law’s farm outside Geneva, Alabama and near Browns Valley at Sand Mountain in north east Alabama. They are shy, but they are out there.

  136. I saw one 5 years ago in madison county alabama. I am positive. They are still in northern Alabama weather you see one or not.

  137. Have had Alabama game wardens here in New Market due to video and game photos of a black mother with 3 young cubs.

  138. They are in the mountains of north Alabama

  139. No. There are panthers seen on game cams every year in Chilton county.

  140. There are plenty still in Alabama

  141. They are in Dugger and Bordon Spring

  142. There’s at least 2 on county road 321.

  143. Haven’t y’all heard that there are no black cats in the United States save for Florida, lol. And I’m pretty positive there are more big cats than they realize in Alabama and everywhere else.

    1. Clifton Mitchum, according to the Game Wardens there are Panthers in Florida, but they still are not black.

    2. Kimmi Leigh I thought the Everglades were supposedly home to the only black cats in the U.S.A. but it may have been an extinct species I heard about…but on another not the ocelot and jaguars seem to be trying to make a comeback.

    3. Clifton Mitchum there are black Panthers in south Florida

    4. Clifton Mitchum i seen two last spring 1,000 feet from my house with a friend of mine in southern Ohio.

    1. Hollie Johnson nope its not. I’ve seen two, very large black cats in Alabama. One in Macon county (in the woods off county rd 73) and the other one in Elmore county (in the middle of state hwy 229 in Redhill by the old Holly Leaf nursery).

    2. Jeffrey Dennis yep! The Redhill was the one I was talking about. They’re definitely out there!

    3. Hollie Johnson no doubt they are! Beautiful creators.

  144. No. They are everywhere in north Alabama.

    1. Tom Young black panthers are not a native animal in North America… a artical from a 30 yr. of service to al. fish and wildlife . he said …..he had found no hard evidence of black panthers in the state of Alabama…..fake news????

    2. Thomas Billadeau He’s an idiot setting behind a desk. I’ve personally seen one up close and ask any old timers one they’ll tell you the same

    3. Thomas, not sure about black panthers (which are rare anyway) versus the typical panther. I just meant that there have been panthers in our general area, sightings, etc. for years. One of our legal assistants lives within one mile of my house, and has recent game camera pics of one.

    4. Thanks, Shane. You just proved not all “idiots” sit behind a desk. I’ll put my time in the woods against yours any day.

    5. Tom Young I’ll drink to that…..mountain lion …yes….black panther….no…..very debatable subject.

    6. Shane Northcutt post some pics

    7. Thomas, people use different words to describe the “panther.” I take “cougar,” “puma,” and “mountain lion” as interchangeable based on general usage and preference. A true panther could be a leopard or jaguar, neither of which is alleged to be in Alabama, if I understand these posts. The photos I have seen are of “mountain lions,” to be more precise.

    8. Thomas, “panther” is used interchangeably with “puma,” “cougar,” and “mountain lion,” which is probably a mistake in my original post. A true panther would be a leopard or jaguar, not native to Alabama, and what my assistant’s pics show is a mountain lion, which are present all over north Alabama.

    9. Tom Young yes…..u r exactly right……that is also what was said in article i read

  145. I saw 2 in Florence . One was eating dog food

  146. No there are plenty still here

  147. I saw one on our farm in Walker Co back in the early 1970s I froze and just stood there for a few minutes. I threw down my firewood and backed up about 10 ft then ran. Only saw it once but months later we had a dead calf that my grandfather said was killed by a mountain lion.

  148. Any definitive photos of panthers on trail cameras should be submitted to AGFD via their local WFF District Office.

  149. I saw a dead mountain lion/ puma on I-20 near Brompton about a year ago!

  150. I’ve never seen a black panther, but a couple years ago I did see a mountain lion cross Al hy9 in Coosa county just a couple miles north of Al hy22. It was probably 6:30am and not in the dark.

  151. One thing that I have never understood

    1. Because people who talk about big black cats are lying, since they don’t exist in North America, and never have. There are no black mountain lions. Period. Anywhere. Ever. I personally don’t understand why stupid people insist that pics of house cats such as the OP are some imaginary species. Western mountain lions or florida panthers may have migrated back into Alabama since they were killed off in the ’50s, but anyone who tells you they’ve seen a black one iis full of crap.

    2. Chris Cleghorn you are wrong sir.

    3. Chris Cleghorn I beg to differ with you. I have seen two in Lauderdale County. I cannot tell you which specific species I’ve seen- but I can definitively state that, on two different occasions, I saw a very large, black cat of some type. And,no, it wasn’t merely a big house cat. You may be very well informed concerning North Alabama wildlife- but on this particular subject- you might want to consider the possibility that you’re wrong.

    4. Chris Cleghorn you’re a full blown idiot

  152. Chewacla State Park in Auburn, AL has a few.

  153. Just to be clear, black Panthers are actually jaguars. Mountain lions are brown and white, a completely different animal. They don’t run together. So if you are claiming you saw a mountain lion and a jaguar together, it was probably at the zoo.

  154. Had one cross the road in front of me in bankhead forest nesr wolf pen cemetary about 15 years ago. Reported it to game warden and was pretty much called a liar without them even checking it out.

  155. There are plenty of them.

  156. Theres one in Lamar Co

  157. Saw one at the zoo !!

  158. But that looks like a house cat. Zoomed in pic.

  159. There is no such thing as a black, melanistic, cougar (Puma Concolor)
    Jaguarundi possibly, but house cat most likely.

    1. Columbus Collum there used to big some off Sardis road years ago on some kin folks share it property.

  160. Can’t tell much from a photo. But there is a lot of space under this animal. A house cat would be much closer to the ground.

    1. Not accusing anybody , but you just can’t trust a photo these days. I would like to believe it is real.

  161. It’s pretty simple FOLKS they could actually be here by mistake , I remember some escaping from a drive thru zoo in ohatchee ALABAMER a long time ago , I think they caught most of the animals but who can say they did 100% and they could have mated with mtn lions while they was on the loose.

  162. Looks like a Large cat. I had a 16 pound Black Cat that looked like A Cougar.long curled tail and all .

  163. I’ve seen one in North Baldwin Little River area, but that was a long time ago

  164. There used to be some in Cullman County. Saw one in Crane Hill area.

  165. For starters mountain lions ain’t black!!! There is mountain lions in Oklahoma but wildlife department says otherwise.

  166. Several have been spotted in Etowah Co

  167. It’s not the last panther. Have seen one with other witnesses in car near my farm in the Blackbelt.

  168. I live on the Alabama side of West Point lake and there are cougars on both sides in Al and in Georgia, one was killed on the Georgia side several years ago that was proven to be wild, not a pen raised animal that got loose, they’ve been here, I’m 44 and saw my first when I was maybe 18

    1. The kitty pictured above is a yard cat

      1. Mother and kittens seen here in Etowah County Alabama!

  169. There is a viable breeding colony in Etowah County Alabama. I saw one face to face when I was a kid. They are definitely here Mother and kittens! They’re making a comeback in Northeast Alabama!!!

  170. There are breeding populations in Etowah County …Northeast Alabama…Mt Cheaha.
    Several counties…Cherokee…Jackson..Dekalb and others have Mountain Lions! Adults and kittens have been observed!

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