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Biography: Obediah Langston (1801- aft. 1888) Bibb County, Alabama

This biography is included in the book Biographies of Notable and Not-so-Notable  Alabama Pioneers Volume I




(b. 1801 d. aft. 1888)
Bibb County, Alabama

Obediah Langston arrived early in Bibb County, Alabama with his father and other family members. He married Virginia “Jenny” McElroy Feb. 24, 1831 in Bibb County, Alabama.

In Enon’s Baptist Church minutes it is recorded that “Obediah Langston joined the church by experience with Virginia, his wife, by letter.”

Obediah and Virginia had ten children who married into families living in this area: Freemans, Wards, Chisms, Cottinghams, Fulghams, and Battles. They had the following children:

  1. Mariah A.Langston (b. Jan. 16, 1832 AL – d. July 15, 1909 AL) married George W. Freeman Dec. 7, 1848. She married W. L. Cochran after George’s death in 1875.
  2. Joab Marion Langston (b. June 16, 1833 AL – d. Sep. 15, 1900) married Mary Catherine Wilson June 5, 1853.
  3. Andrew Jackson Langston (March 24, 1835 AL – d. March 4, 1880) married September 13, 1865 Roseanna Victory Ward
  4. Jasper Defreeze Langston (b. June 27, 1837 AL – January 10, 1929 AL) married Nov. 17, 1867 Cirenia Abagail “Rena” Cottingham
  5. Newton Patton Langston (b. June 27, 1837 AL 9-twin of Jasper – d. APR. 9, 1915 AL) married ca. 1860 Emily Mary Caroline Chism and Frances Ann Chism
  6. John Marsahll Langston (b. April 1, 1840 AL – d. January 9, 1862 AL)
  7. Columbus L. Langston (b. 1841 AL- d. 1864 GA)
  8. Annette Virginia Langston (b. Oct. 6, 1844 AL – d. aft. 1900 TX) married 1872 in Bibb County, AL, Gary William Fulgham
  9. Lucretia Demarius Langston (b. Oct. 12, 1846 AL – d. Jun 8, 1921 AL) married James Buchanan “Jim” Battle
  10. Lucinda “Louisa” Georgia Langston (b. October 25, 1849- d. May 5, 1888 AL) married ca. 1865 Oliver Jackson Cottingham

Obediah’s father Isaac Newton lived with  Obediah in his old age. We do not know where he is buried. Perhaps Antioch, as Obediah and Virginia are buried there along with most of his children.

The following notes are in the Antioch Church minutes.

  • May 1832 Obediah Langston joined by experience,
  • Wife Virginia M.Langston by letter.
  • Aug 1832 Obediah: Messenger to association.
  • June 1838 Obediah Langston ordained as Deacon.
  • 1847 Obediah excluded from church.
  • May 1851 Obediah joined again.
  • Oct 1851 Obediah restored to deacon.

The will of Obediah Langston is as follows:

The State of Alabama Bibb County

Know all men by these presents that I, Obediah Langston , being of sound mind and memory, and considering the uncertainty of this frail and transitory life do therefore make, ordain, publish and declare this to be my last will and testament, that is to say first, after all my just debts are paid and discharged, the residue of my estate, real and personal to be eqully divided among all of my heirs, each to have share and share alike less six hundred and fifty dollars that my son, A. J.Langston has all ready received here to fore which is to be included in his heirship in my estate, and one hundred dollars that my daughter Mariah Freeman has all ready received which is to be included in her heirship in my estate. Likewise, I make, constiture, and appoint J. M.Langston and J. D.Langston to be executors of this my last will and testament. In witness where of I have here unto subscribed my name and affixed my seal this the 7th day of July A. D. 1888.



A. J. Wooley

G. A. Parker

Know all men by these presence that we the heirs of Obediah Langston , deceased do hereby mutually agree and resolve between ourselves that we will settle the said estate of Obediah Langston with out administering on the same and we all agree to let J. N. Langston and J. D. Langston as executor of O. Langston last will and testament, sell and devise said estate according to said will.

  • Joab M. Langston
  • Jasper D. Langston
  • Newton P. Langston
  • J. B. Battle
  • L. S. Batte
  • Mariah Cochran
  • G. W. Fulgham
  • A. N? Fulghan
  • W. S? Trott
  • N. P. Langston
  • Garden for C. J. Langston heirs
  • Garden for A. J. Langston Heirs.

The old Langston homeplace was an original grant to Obediah Langston. He cleared the land. There he raised his family. The Langston family had a strong faith and belief in the Bible which is shown by the names they gave their children.

Descendants from these families have been and are outstanding citizens who took part in community development. They scattered into adjoining counties and states.

Obediah Langston published a reward for the capture of the murderer of Jacob (Benjamin) Blanton in the Northern Standard Newspaper, published Oct. 14, 1843 in Clarksville, Republic of Texas (Red River Co.) The alleged murderer’s name was Mark W. Doss, and Obadiah said that Doss was a brother -in-law to Judge Sumners of Bibb Co. and seems to be saying that Doss was also a brother-in-law to the murdered Blanton, as well as to himself. The murder took place in Red River Co. TX in Dec 1842 and Doss escaped from jail in Feb 1843. As far as I know, Doss was never captured.


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This biography is included in the book Biographies of Notable and Not-so-Notable  Alabama Pioneers Volume I

Biographies of Notable and Not-so-Notable  Alabama Pioneers Volume I

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