1. Hi Donna,
    Just a note to let you know I am the 3rd great-niece of Benjamin Blanton who was murdered by Mark Doss in 1842 in Red River Co. Republic of Texas. Benjamin married Polly Langston August 06, 1817 in Madison Co. Alabama. Mark W. Doss was married July 18, 1821 in Morgan Co. AL to Jane Langston, the sister to Polly Langston. Obadiah Langston offered 1000 acres for the apprehension of Mark Doss who had laid low in the bushes and shot his brother-in-law Benjamin dead as Benjamin was going home from his mill. A very sad story for the Blanton and Langston families.

    1. Thank you for contributing the additional information. It is a sad story. Obadiah Langston is one of my ancestors.

  2. Enjoyed reading these Langston biographies. Carlos Ebron Langston is Grandfather…so these three men are all Grandfathers or as in Obediah’s case Great Uncle for me

  3. Obediah is my gggrandfather and im also a descendent of one of his slaves