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Biography: Jesse J. Alldredge born August 16, 1831

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(1831 – 1870)

Blount County, Alabama

Jesse J. Alldredge was a lieutenant-colonel, Confederate States Army, and farmer. He was born August 16, 1831, in Blount County, son of Enoch and Amelia (Pace) Alldredge both natives of Tennessee the former came with his parents in December1816, to Alabama when a child and was reared on the farm, became a justice of the peace represented Blount County in the Alabama legislature for sixteen years. State senator, 1851, retiring in 1876, a soldier of the Black Hawk and Seminole Wars, major in the 48th Alabama infantry regiment, C. S. Army. He was wounded in 1862 at the battle of Bull Run, and later in the war period, he became an aide on the governor’s staff.

He was the grandson of Andrew J. and Leah (Chaney) Alldredge, the former a farmer, who came to Alabama in its earliest period of settlement and was the first white man to drive a wagon into what is now Blount County, then inhabited by Indians only. Being a religious man he administered to the spiritual welfare of the pioneer families, meetings being held in their cabins.

Mr. Alldredge was a soldier in Captain Skinner’s company, 19th Alabama infantry regiment, C. S. Army, under Colonel Wheeler, but, after six months service, was transferred to the 48th Alabama infantry regiment, and elected second lieutenant, promoted first lieutenant, and after the second battle of Manassas, where he was wounded, was promoted to lieutenant-colonel for meritorious conduct on that field. On account of his battle wounds, he was pronounced unfit for further active field duty and was appointed recruiting officer for northern Alabama, performing this duty until the close of the war.

He married Manila Almeda Scott, daughter of Patrick Scott and Elizabeth Temperance (Berry) Scott, the former a native of North Carolina, who removed to Tennessee and thence to Alabama, settling in Blount County and elected first judge of the county. Serving twelve years and an officer in the State militia for many years, Patrick was a farmer, a man of great physical courage, who would step from the bench and flog bullies who came into the community and compel them to keep order.

There were children to this union. Among these were:

  1. P. G. Aldredge, was a physician and merchant of Brooksville, Alabama
  2. Thomas Perry Alldredge (1851-1908).

Col. Jesse J. Aldredge and his wife are buried at Alldredge Cemetery, in Brooksville, Blount County, Alabama.


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