1. Did the DNA on ancestry and it came back 20% Scandinavian. Didn’t make sense but it may now. A lot of my Cost family are from Chilton co. and around Thornsby. May have married into this

  2. Thorsby: “town of Thor”

  3. Thorsby: “town of Thor”

  4. There is a Swedetown Road in Theodore, Alabama and I have heard some of the old, old timers refer to the area as Swede Town.

  5. had no idea……..fascinating.

  6. My family was part of this!! Petersens from Denmark to Thorsby!!

  7. My family is from chilton co. I went to texas got married moved back to thorsby ,ten years later i discovered that his mother was swedish and was first generation born in america. My children are 1/4 swedish.

  8. Thorsby was named for its founder T.T. Thorson, my great grandfather.

    Laura Lively Charlton

  9. Lisa Heaton Bridges

  10. Thanks , I learn from most of your post .

  11. Donna Adams Huchette aren’t you Scandinavian?

  12. Jennifer Stickler Riddle

  13. Looks like Citronelle. Guess everyone had the same things.

  14. Yes, that’s where I’m from. 18 percent Scandinavian according to DNA testing.