1. Dr. A. G. Smythe of Bethany, Mississippii is mentioned in this letter. I have relatives who lived in Bethany, Mississippi in this time frame. Here is what they had to say about Dr. Smythe. Letter Number 1: Bethany, Miss., Dec. 20, 1888 – One of Rufe Whites boys got his nose knocked off the other day by a limb. He was chopping in the new ground and the limb was bent somehow and when he cut one end loose, the other flew up and struck him. Broke his nose and knocked the end up on top of his nose. Dr. Smythe said he had maid him a nicer nose than his maker had maid for him. Letter Number 2: Bethany, Miss., July 20, 1889 – There is not much sickness but Dr. Smythe is kept very busy as he is the only Dr. In the settlement.

  2. This letter that I have may refer to the author of this letter, S. M. Smythe. Letter: Bethany, Mississippi, Dec. 12, 1891: The old man Sam Smythe comes to see us every week and inquires sometimes about you and the country out there. (This letter was written to a person in Calhoun County, Alabama.)

  3. This is the most inspiring article I have ever read. It makes me proud to be a Rebel. These men and women fought for what was right at the time and should NEVER be forgotten. God bless the South!