1. My great uncle (back several generations) was Samuel Mims. It’s a tragedy what happened there.

  2. It all was a tragedy, killin of the Settler’s and also the killing of my people the Native American’s..

  3. Interesting to hear a first hand account of Life in Alabama back when our nation was young. I am enjoying this series…..

  4. To bad all this comes from the white side of events

  5. It was a horrific massacre. Red Eagle ( William Weatherford, whose father was Scotch) led the Indians but later turned himself in.

  6. […] another account of Fort Mims massacre by Margaret Austill, Jeremiah Austill’s […]

  7. I enjoy reading the eyewitness account of individuals that were there at the time.

  8. […] of 550 acres of land in Washington County for his services. At the time of the horrible massacre of Fort Mims, August 30th, 1813, Mrs. Saffold was in a neighboring fort, and heard the firing at the former […]

  9. […] of Fort Jackson, one is impressed with the idea that the brutal treatment of Mrs. Crawley and the Fort Mims massacre of August 30th, 1813, were the two main incentives in bringing on the Creek […]

  10. I love to learn about Alabama early pioneers

  11. Thank you for these. It’s invaluable to hear first hand accounts of these events. The people of these times-all of them-were a tough group of folks!

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    1. Jeff Kirby , sure does. That’s weird.

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