1. It would be interesting to know what years Caroline lived there. I lived on Avenue H a couple of blocks from Baker Elementary School. My best friend attended the Catholic school mentioned, and I’m very familiar with Angwin Funeral Home. From the mention of Vulcan being in pieces on the ground, I suspect Caroline lived in Ensley long before I did.

    1. My Grandfather remembered Vulcan being there.

  2. Yes. I case it when I was a little girl.

  3. About 50 years ago there was a song about the Vulcan that played on the radio for quite a while. It told the story of Vulcan’s travel’s up the rivers to Birmingham.
    It was a very good song, historical, as to how it came to be in existence. It was shipped, I think to New Orleans, or Mobile where it went by river’s to Birmingham.
    I clicked Vulcan song on You Tube, but it didn’t come up. If anyone can get it, please do and post to Facebook or to Alabama pioneers. Thanks

  4. I have a cup and saucer souvenir from the park. It still has the sticker on the saucer. My grandparents lived in Ensley back in the day.

  5. I lived on the same side of the street of the Catholic Church 2 houses away. The Alley ran beside my house. Christmas midnight mass made it terribly hard to go to sleep for Santa to come.

  6. Yes I was born in Bham and lived in Ensley till we moved. Sure has changed. Wow.

  7. I grew up across the creek in Powderly.

  8. Yes. My dad said he once sat on his toe.

  9. The funeral home was Echols-Angwin. Mr. Echols was my husband’s step grandfather. Brown’s is and was in Bessemer.

    1. Thank you for the correction.

  10. Yes , my great grandmother lived there. She remembers when the Vulcan was lying in the ground and they used to climb on it.

  11. He sits atop Red Mountain now.

  12. […] “Vulcan,” world’s largest iron figure and the second largest statue in America, will be formally dedicated with a mammoth spectacle, staged at the foot of the statue on Red Mountain May 9th – 17th. Visitors from every state in the union are expected to attend the event, which will be one of the outstanding civic affairs ever held in Alabama. […]

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