1. Alabama is Natchez. It was renamed to the Town of Mobile in 1814 and later revisions of books removed the law. It’s still publicly available. The Internet is relentless.

  2. My ancestors on my father’s side came from South Carolina and settled in the Romulus and Jena communities SW of Tuscaloosa sometime around 1830. James Galbraith Robertson (1759-1838) was also known as “Horseshoe Robinson” and moved from SC to the West side of Robinson Bend (formerly known as Rattlesnake Bend, I believe) of the Black Warrior River. He was a veteran of the Revolutionary War. He is buried in the Robertson Cemetery which is now on land owned by the Robinson Bend Co. Another ancestor is John Cork (1745-1798), also a Revolutionary War veteran, whose son William Cork Sr. (1785-1859) migrated from SC to Jena. He is buried in the Pleasant Grove Cemetery along with his son John Cork (1811-1890, born in SC) and Samuel C. Cork, my great-grandfather. Samuel Cork married Sarah Hasseltine Robertson and that is where the two families are connected. Both Sam and Sarah are also buried in the Pleasant Grove Cemetery. Upper Shiloh Spur Road in Jena was once known as Cork Road.

    Both sides of my father’s ancestry came from SC, both were Revolutionary War veterans, and both settled in the same area. I can not help but feel that the families knew each other before migrating to Alabama.

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