1. In the 1900 census, my great-great-grandfather and his twin had yet to be named. The census taker said that was unacceptable, and he named them Booker and Oliver, over the family’s objections. Ten years later the boys were listed as Thomas and William. Lol

  2. If you’ve ever looked at some of those old census reports, a lot of them couldn’t write their own name legibly.

  3. It is still quite an experience taking the census!!!

  4. I was a census taker (enumerator) in Wyoming in 1980. I had to borrow a horse to get to some of my houses since the ground was too wet to drive, there wasn’t enough snow for skis or snowmobile, and it was too far and too muddy to walk.

  5. Perhaps that’s what happened to our senses… the government took them!

  6. I have been a “census taker” many funny stories!

  7. And all the mistakes they made in names, spelling, relationships, etc.

  8. That is funny, and bless their hearts half of time when the city folks came to the house trying to understand them and getting the names spelled right was just half the battle and the age.

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