Patron+ Good Ole Days – (Photos) Here is the way young women attending college dressed around 1900 when they went on an outing

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  1. Charlotte Marlow McEwen

    Fashions were slow to change. Class of 73.

    1. Becky Paradise

      Class of 1972, we could only wear slacks from Friday evenings to Saturday evening in.1968. Dresses for classes!

  2. Marty Gibson

    I attended there in 74.

    1. Becky Paradise

      I graduated in 1972 (Becky Coffee)

  3. Becky Mcclenny

    I had an Alabama History class in the fifth grade,I believe ’75-76,the greatest teacher,Mrs. Majorie Fendley.Since,I can’t consume enough Alabama History! This was on Wilcox County at Wilcox Academy. I am proud to say that I’m a member of the Wilcox Academy Alumni Association.

  4. Trisha Linley

    My mom was the last group to be all girls school

  5. Judie Crowther

    Our daughter received her undergraduate and Masters degree here, before she went on to get her culinary degree from NECI. So proud of her and her decision-making. Love you Melissa Close-Hart!

  6. Bailey Witt
  7. Sue McCalpin Cross

    Love these pictures , a better time in our history in my opinion .

  8. Jim Alston

    My grandmother Elizabeth Pitman May was a student at Montevallo about that time….my mother was there in the mid 30’s….her name was Ruth May Alston…four of my aunt’s also graduated in the 30s and 40s….

  9. Byron Abrams

    My Grandmother attended in the early 1900’s, and then taught school until she was 71 yrs old! Wonderful

  10. Victoria Lewis

    Love these pictures! My grandmother graduated in the early 30’s.

  11. My grandmother was in the Class of 1896. Too bad I can’t recognize her. My son (1992) and his mother (1966) graduated from Montevallo.

  12. Donna — pictures show more scenery than details of how the women dress. If dresses were theme, then zoom in so readers can see details. Someone mentioned that Montvallo began accepting male students in 1956. A former World War II Army buddy enrolled there in 1947 under GI Bill because it was closed to his home.

  13. Mary Hall

    My mother, Elizabeth Martin graduated from Montevallo and was one of the 7 “Martin girls” from Enterprise who attended there in the late 20s and 1930s.

  14. Connie Conner

    in 1968, it was called Alabama College, I was accepted and scheduled to attend classes that fall, but I moved to North Carolina that summer and didn’t make it back….I fell in love with the campus, the spreading oak trees, the ivy growing on the buildings, the cobblestone roads …I wonder if it’s still the same

    1. Alabama Pioneers

      Yes, it is still a beautiful campus.

  15. It hasn’t changed much, Connie. I graduated from there in 1988 (Renae Guy Carpenter) and my son is a student there now (Devin Harrison). I LOVE that place!!

  16. Emily B. Cooper

    My grandmother went to Montevallo during that time period. She married in 1907, so probably 1906…. He wedding dress was exactly like some of the dresses in the picture. Later, I will try to find the picture so I can post it along with this.

  17. Brenda Alexander Rogers

    I attended here in ’69. Beautiful campus. Lived in Main dormitory. Great year of school before later receiving my undergraduate degree and Masters degree at UAB.

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