BIOGRAPHY: Rev. Augustus A. Battle born 1860



(1860 – aft. 1896)

Calhoun, Talladega, Russell County, Alabama

Rev. Augustus A. Battle, of Hurtsboro, Russell County, the son of Deacon A. A. and Mrs. Jennie Battle, was born in Tuskegee, July 4, 1860. As his parents were pious people, he was very early the subject of religious impressions, which in 1881 culminated in a public profession of faith in Christ.

On the third Sunday in August he was baptized by the Rev. Richard Lloyd, of Georgia. In the year 1879, aspiring for a liberal education, he entered the Talladega College, in which he graduated from the normal and the theological courses.

He is a young man of high moral tone, and his agreeable manners have won for him many friends. At present, he is pastor at Sylacauga, and teacher of the city school in Talladega.

Historic Mount Zion Baptist Church 2nd black church in area, Calhoun County, Alabama ca. 2014 (Wikipedia)

P. S.—Since the above was written, our good Bro. Battle has been called to the Mt. Zion Church in Anniston, and under his industrious and wise leadership, his people have constructed a two-story brick edifice. To do what he has done in these hard times, in the way of raising and expending money, is to prove himself a man of no ordinary parts. The writer has enjoyed the hospitality of his quiet Christian home, where he has learned that the young minister has found helpful companionship in the person of a modest, intelligent wife.

ADDITIONAL NOTE BY TRANSCRIBER: Mount Zion Baptist Church was the second black church organized in the Anniston area and is the oldest one still in existence. It has been the central social force of the Zion Hill neighborhood, a black residential area characterized as “throwaway land” because it was hilly and deemed not fit for farming. The congregation dates from 1879, when a small group met in a brush arbor near the railroad tracks, southeast of the present location. Members raised money for the present lot and for the buildings occupying it, church members also designed and built the current edifice. The basement was built in 1890 and was used for worship until the first floor was completed in 1894. (Alabama travel)


Excerpt from The Cyclopedia of the Colored Baptists of Alabama – Their Leaders and Their Work copyright 1896


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