1. Ron Bailey

    Melissa Weldon Bailey

  2. Steve Bryant

    We, here in Dozier are, can relate many of these stories as this was a moon-shine haven during my childhood & youth.

  3. Jimmie McAnnally

    Do you remember the dye and the brasher brother s went missing and have never been found this happen in March 195455

  4. Gloria Langley Vaughan

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the still in Chambers County didn’t belong to my Daddy and uncle Phillip .. I have sat on many of gallon ridding with my daddy when he went on deliveries.

  5. Mary Newton

    Love these stories. My people participated in moon shining in lawrence co, al

  6. Matt Heath

    Dan Brasher was my cousin. That happened long before I was born. There are so many theories about where their bodies are located. I’m a private investigator and I’ve spent a lot of time looking into it on my own but the mystery deepens. My grandparents believed they were taken to an abandoned mine near Trafford. In recent years police actually have had some leads but still they seem to go nowhere. All we know for sure is they were murdered. We know where they were killed and why. But that’s it. I hope the case is solved during my lifetime.

    1. Mary Newton

      Were they called the Dye boys? My husband remembers the story and grew up there.

  7. James Davis Sr.

    During the Great Depression, many good men were forced by lack of jobs to make whiskey and sell it in order to feed their families. Can’t blame them for that. One of my ancestors did it and the Tutwiler Hotel in Birmingham bought his entire product because they knew it was good (not poison).

  8. The Winston County boy story was 1947.

  9. Gary Mullican

    Sometimes it was the ONLY WAY!

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