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Biography: Mortimer Harvie Jordan, Sr. born June 10,1844

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Dr. Mortimer Harvie Jordan born 1844

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Jefferson County, Alabama

Dr. Mortimer Harvie Jordan. Sr. was born June 10, 1844. He settled in Elyton, Jefferson County, Alabama and practiced medicine there until July 4, 1872, when he moved to Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama. He married Florence Earle Mudd (1846 -1925).

“He remained during the dark days of the summer of 1873, working day and night over the cholera-stricken people, scarcely pausing for sleep or rest. He, fortunately, escaped having the disease himself but lived until 1889 when he succumbed to that dreaded disease, tuberculosis, and passed away at the early age of forty-four years, leaving a large family and many friends to mourn his loss.

It may not be amiss here to mention that in the year 1874 Dr. Jordan was called on by the Government to furnish a history of cholera in Birmingham, which he did. It was published, and is now in the Congressional Records.”i

“He was a young man of great energy and ambition; of a genial happy disposition, devoted to his profession, in which he was even then though only 28 years of age, rapidly forging to the front ranks. He had served with distinction during the Civil War rapidly rising from private to the rank of captain.”ii

He married Florence Earle Mudd (1846 -1925)

Their children were:

  1. William Mudd Jordan (1874-1951)
  2. Mortimer Harvie Jordan (1881-1918)

He died Feb. 6, 1889 in Birmingham, Alabama and is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery in Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama.

iEarly Days In Birmingham, Author: Mrs. Alfred Nathaniel Hawkins, 1937

iiEarly Days In Birmingham, Author: Mrs. Alfred Nathaniel Hawkins, 1937

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  1. I have more info on Dr. Mortimer Jordan, and much more on his wife, Florence EARLE Mudd and her grandparents – Dr. Samuel Earle – one of Alabama’s pioneers and early doctors if anyone interested.

    1. I would like more information on Dr Mortimer Jordan as I think I have a notebook by his mother Amy Welton Jordan when she was a schoolteacher in Connecticut. Thank you.

    2. I’d be interested in additional information on Dr. Jordan. He was my great-great grandfather.

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