1. Mark Burkette

    You would think that this story would mention the very 1st settlers & town. Mobile and the surrounding coastal lands were settled by the French long before these migrations. There was a Scots influx after ‘the clearances’ in the mid 18th century that lasted until the beginning of the turn of the next one. They settled mostly in South Alabama and created several small communities. After Napoleon wrested the Government from the Bourbons there was a second, and heavy, migration of French immigrants who settled mostly in west central Alabama.

    1. Alabama Pioneers

      Much of South Alabama was still under Spanish control in 1798. This article is mainly about the organization of the Mississippi Territory. But there are several other stories about early settlements on the site such as this one: http://alabamapioneers.com/mobile-alabama/#sthash.6x747eZ7.dpbs You can use the search box to find them. It is impossible to include them all in one story. That would take an entire book. Actually, it has taken six books so far in our Alabama Footprints series http://amzn.to/1OnyO57 and we’ve only scratched the surface. 🙂

  2. Amy Parker

    The original land deeds one dated 1826 by John Q Adams for my Calvert family line is still in the family. There are 3 total, signed by 3 different Presidents.

  3. Steve Abernathy

    Several of my ancestors received land grants through the federal office in Hunstville.

  4. Roscoe Beauregard

    researching on William G. Gore, believed born in the territory in 1813.. My G/grandfather Jesse Gore as well as the one brother, Asa Gore, who we found buried in Dallas, Tx…. Speculate that Asa was named after Asa Gore who died in 1778 in the attack Wyoming Valley Pennsylvania… Rather sure that Ellen ( no name).. also was a Cherokee, and they came together sometime about 1830 in Mississippi, rather than the Alabama side..

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