1. Would it be possible to find out of the Methodist preachers Rev. R. R. Jones or the Rev. W. J. Simmons ever preached at any of the Pike County Methodist or Baptist churches? Would have been around 1895-1910 time period. Thanks!

  2. What a beautiful Church. Is this the Church you were baptized in?

  3. Love this view of the church from an old post card . My mother said the college students had Sunday School in the house behind the church when she was at Troy Normal in the 1920’s.

  4. looking for info on George Farmer Williams, so of Rev. Elisha Williams of the Methodist Episcopal Church from 1824 to 1872 approximately .
    My wife is a descendent. Thanks, Dave Avis
    [email protected]

  5. My brother and I were both christened at first Methodist hirch in Troy Alabama. Kai was christened in 1934 and my brother in 1939. ,

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