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Queries about Alabamians from Fall 1930

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(The following has been transcribed from The Alabama Historical Quarterly Vol. 1, No. 3, Fall Issue 1930, but they may provide some information not previously known)

(The Genealogical Department of the Alabama Historical Quarterly, is conducted by Miss Mary R. Mullen, Librarian and Research expert of the Alabama State Department of Archives and History. Extracts from letters received in the Department from correspondents all over the country asking for information concerning family connections will be reproduced here with the hope that someone may supply Miss Mullen with the information sought. Answers coming to the magazine will be printed in the next succeeding issue.—Editor. Queries: Lightfoot—Birthplace of Thomas Lightfoot, whose name appears on land books of Lawrence County, Ala., 1818. Philip Lightfoot of Madison County, belonged to the same line. Know that Thomas Lightfoot purchased lands in Davidson County, Tenn., in 1793. Where was he from? S. L. L., Paris, Tex

Wilhite—John and his brother, Ezekiel Wilhite, came to Morgan County, Ala., from either Tennessee or North Carolina prior to 1830. Anything of this family or collateral branches appreciated. W. E. W., Bowie, Tex. Watson—John Watson, of Hinds County, Miss., died while either passing through Alabama or on a visit. His wife was Jeanett McLaurin. They had two sons, John, killed in the War Between the States and Samuel. They were originally from North Carolina and came South between 1850-54. Jeanett (McLaurin) Watson, after the death of her husband, married the second time a Stewart. Any information as to the place and time of death of John Watson will be greatly appreciated. P M. W., Shelby, Miss.

O’Neall—Any descendants of Judge John Belton O’Neall, of Newberry District, S. C., who may know the whereabouts of the early minute books of the old Quaker organization on Bush River, Newberry District, S. C. Judge O’Neall had daughters who Carried and came to Alabama. It is thought that these baptisimal and marriage records were brought to Alabama along with the record books of the old Covananter Church. G. L. S., Newberry, S. C.

Boone—Information about Joseph Boone, who left his home near Nashville, Tenn., about 1820, at the age of 15, and went to LaGrange, Ga. A carpenter by trade. Ran a grocery store in either LaFayette, Ala., or West Point, Ga., during the War Between the States. Left his home in Randolph County, Ala., about 1866, and has never been heard from. Was related to Daniel Boone. Want to get in touch with his descendants. J. E. B., Wedowee, Ala.

Byrd—The following is copied from an old scrap book: “Jepp Byrd was a war veteran who lived in Monroe County, Ala. He had eight children, one of which was Myles Mack William Byrd, who married Lizer Ann Lampkins, and lived in Bruton, Ala. There were also born unto this couple eight children. Five boys: John and James, twins, Jepp 11, Mack and Patrick. Three girls: Alice, Lizer Ann and Meeliam. Meeliam died while a child but the others lived to be grown. Jepp, Second, lived in Monroe County, Ala. Lizer Ann married Charley Hails, and also made her home in Monroe County. Alice married John Brown and lived in Bruton, Ala. Myles Mack Williams Byrd was a farmer, but too feeble to fight in the Civil War.” The ancestry and descendants of Jepp Byrd wanted. B. E. Byrd, Sanatorium, Miss.

Mayo-Edwards-Hooper—Information about Hardy P. Mayo, whose parents were Benjamin ….(Creatwood) Mayo, and grandfather was George Dick Mayo. Martha Hooper was the daughter of Johnson M. Hooper and the grand: daughter of Matthew Brooks Hooper, further records needed. William Russell Edwards was the son of Wilson and Martha (Hooper) Edwards. B. M., Kisciusko, Miss.

Thompson-Graves—Ancestry of William and Lucinda (Graves) Thompson. They were married November 3, 1839, Pike County, Ala. Lucinda Graves’ mother was a Miss Grubbs. Her father’s first name is unknown. Lucinda Graves stated that she was born near the Pee Dee River in South Carolina. W. D. G., Gilmer, Texas.

Goodson—Information about Josiah Goodson, of Pike County, Ala., whose name appears in the Pike County Mortgage Book of 1839. Also about Mary Goodson who married James Spear, January 28, 1834. W, D. G., Gilmer, Texas.

Taylor—Revolutionary Record of James Taylor, born in Virginia February 28, 1731, died April 4, 1815, married December 3, 1755, to Ann Owen, born September 25, 1738, a daughter of George Owen and his wife, Elva . Mrs. L. T. W., Greensboro, N. C.

Hendricks—Record of marriage of Nathan Hendricks or Hendrix and Elizabeth Garland. M. M. M., Acoma, Wash.

Peeples—Any information about David Peeples. J. G. B., Muscogee, Okla.

Herring—Anna Rebecca Herring, born Dec. 5th, 1837, or May 18th, 1837, at Macon County, Ala., married May 7th, 1860, at Mobile, Ala., to John Sindlinger, a Confederate soldier. The father of Anna Rebecca (Herring) Sindlinger, first name unknown, was killed in November, 1937, by the Seminole Indians in Florida, and she died at Tallahassee, Florida, June 2nd, 1879, The Sindlingers had a daughter Anna Dora, born October 3, 1C61, and christened “Shiloh” in church on Shiloh Battlefield, and she married David Peeples. J. G. B., Muscogee, Okla.

Boutwell—Boutwell family of Pickens County, Ala. J. H. P., Carrollton, Ala.

Proctor—Proctor family of Pickens County, Ala. J. H. P., Carrollton, Ala.


Though it has not been completely proven, some researchers believe Kenneth Stewart who arrived in North Carolina from Scotland is the first immigrant to America of the line in this book. He arrived in 1775 in Wilmington, North Carolina with family members: Wife Isobel 30; Son William; Son John 5; Son Banco 3; Daughter Christian 3; Son Alexander 14.

The John listed above is believed to be John R. Stewart born ca. 1770 and this is the line we follow in this book as he travels further south, through Georgia and finally his descendants settle in Randolph, County, Alabama.

The GEDCOM records, genealogy notes, and biographical information in this e-book include descendants who were pioneers of North Carolina, South Carolina, Pike County, Georgia and Randolph County, Alabama. Descendant surnames included in this book are: AIKEN, BUSTER, CARVER, CLARDY, COTTINGHAM, CREWS, DAVIS, DENNIS, DEWBURY, DOBSON, FRENCH, GAY, HARWELL, HAY, HINTON, HOBBS, HOLLOWAY, HOUSTON, JORDAN, LYNCH, MAYBERRY, MCKINNEY, MCLEOD, MOORE, NELSON, PATTON, PHILLIPS, RAMPY, WORTHAM


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