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PATRON + SATURDAY SECRETS – Old beauty tips and secrets

This is an excerpt from the book Vinegar of the Four Thieves


  • COLD CREAM – Melt one ounce oil of almonds, half ounce spermaceti, one drachm white wax, and then add two ounces of rose-water, and stir it constantly until cold.
  • LIP SALVE – Melt one ounce white wax, one ounce sweet oil, one drachm spermaceti, and throw in a piece of alkanet root to color it, and, when cooling, perfume it with oil rose, and then pour it into small white jars or boxes.
  • To help dry skin, add lemon juice or vinegar to your bath water
  • Mix drops of rose water with a tablespoon of honey to make a lip balm for chapped lips.


  • HAIR INVIGORATOR – Bay rum two pints, alcohol one pint, castor oil one ounce, carb. ammonia half an ounce, tincture of cantharides one ounce. Mix well. The compound will promote the growth of the hair and prevent it from falling out.
  • MACASSAR OIL FOR THE HAIR – Renowned for the past fifty years, is as follows: Take a quarter of an ounce of chippings of alkanet root, tie this in a bit of coarse muslin and put it in a bottle containing eight ounces of sweet oil; cover it to keep out the dust; let it stand several days; add to this sixty drops of tincture of cantharides, ten drops of oil of rose, neroli and lemon each sixty drops, let it stand one week and you will have one of the most powerful stimulants for the growth of the hair ever known.
  • FOR DANDRUFF – Take glycerine four ounces, tincture of cantharides five ounces, bay rum, four ounces, water two ounces. Mix, and apply once a day and rub well down the scalp.

Vinegar of the Four Thieves is a collection of household tips, medical cures, clothing care and old recipes from the 1800’s and 1900’s. Many of the tips, such as the household cleaners, cooking tips and ways to control pests, still work and are helpful in today’s ‘green’ environment while others such as ‘how to cure a dog of eating eggs’ will make you laugh. Either way, this book will help you appreciate the difficult life your grandparents endured.With Bonus: First two chapters of novel Ribbon of Love

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