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PATRON + Schools closed in December 1918 when the Spanish flu was raging in Elmore Co., Alabama


(Transcribed from The Weekly Herald (Wetumpka, Alabama, December 12, 1918)

The spread of Influenza in our town and county is becoming alarming, so many of our people are suffering and casualties are being reported. At one time our county was practically clear but this re-visitation of the disease is more alarming in its scope than the first epidemic.

Prominent citizens die

The Health Board has again been compelled to close the schools and all public gathering, which step we believe to have been very necessary, and we hope and believe that all of our people are in full accord with this measure. What is pleasure, what is education, what is business, compared with human life? Influenza is claiming her toll within our borders, some of our prominent citizens passing from among us in early life because of the carelessness of some one in spreading this disease.

Keep handkerchief convenient

The simple rule of every person always sneezing or caughing (sic) into a handkerchief will save much suffering. All authorities say that to become infected with the germ one must be very close to a person who has Influenza when they caugh(sic) sneeze or talk – if we would all take this very easy precaution, the spread would be materially checked. Keep your handkerchief convenient and use it, no one can tell when they have Influenza until it is too late to save others from infection – so be careful all the time. Lets co-operate fully with the health authorities and doctors and again stamp out this disease from within our borders.

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