1. Florence is the most beautiful city in Alabama

    1. I love florence Alabama. I lived here all my life. I love it here so I thought I moved to the country because florence Alabama is nothing but people who do crystal math and lie and steel from there own mom and daddy if they dont get from them they beat there family to get there fix. I live in green hill out in the sticks so glad I moved away. My
      preacher sold meth and his wife did meth . And I saw For myself that he was selling meth to the church’s family and
      You love
      Florence BETTER you than me. stay off of huntsville road nothing gangsters and druggies. Florence Blvd keep driving because it is just as bad. I am retired law enforcement and florence your nasty and dis tase FULL for gentle men. thank you my heavenly father for getting me out of that NASTY WHOLE.

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