1. ditto….after 20+ yrs of many researchers trying to find our ggr gf parentage found an ancestry contact who has taken our line back 2 more generations from his 1820 dob in Alabama & established siblings as brothers vs cousins & leads creedance to his adoption at age 5 when parents died of yellow fever…..Eureka…just have to find the geneologist who has already done the work & share it with fellow researchers..still have some discrepancies to clear up but internet sure does accelerate progress vs the old day time lapses…

  2. I can see that the last sentence says: “Thank you Almighty God for ________, Thank you Almight God for Love That (or Life That)_______________, Thank you Almighty God for Everything, And , Thank you Almighty God for ?Ever?…. ” Just at a glance… I’ll look closer.

  3. At first glance of the top line (and all the “P = PLEASE…. etc) Seems to be “PLEASE DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN BLESS OUR ________________” Appears to be another prayer or a song.

  4. Truly amazing . But the Lord knew what she wrote

  5. Sandra Pugh Graham Cindy Pugh Buckley

  6. Very interesting, the mind is an amazing creation!!!!

  7. Oh, wow! What a precious message from her! Prayers!

  8. Interesting. Stanley Mcguire

  9. The reoccurring letters PSTWA – could be – please share this with all

  10. The last line, Thank You Almighty God For Everything, Amen Amen Amen.