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  1. I have tried since August to access the story content thru the Patreon portal. I have paid for a subscription since August. I have followed the directions to the letter and each time I try to read a story it defaults to “Become a Patreon, donate $1.00 or more to have access to all of the stories.” I can not even get the site to refund me my money. Perhaps I am the only one who has had any issues with the “Patron” site but for me it has only been a matter of frustrating attempts to work the site with no success. Every attempt ends back up at “Become a Patreon, donate $1.00 or more to access the stories.” I have had enough. I have scores of unopened stories in my in box simply because I can not open them. No matter what I do to try to access them it does not work. All I want is a full refund and to come out of the system. Patreon = Frustration.

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