1. Sharon Mason Waller

    Brenda Brashier check out the center of this map.

    1. Brenda Brashier

      Sharon, VERY interesting. One record says Pleasant went to Alabama when he left South Carolina… maybe this was where he went… it’s close to Quitman…

    2. Sharon Mason Waller

      Brenda Brashier spelled Brazier’s Landing in other places, and changed to French’s Landing.

    3. Brenda Brashier

      Sharon, there are about 30 spellings… some almost unrecognizable – but, it’s the French Brasseur family. Thank you for posting this.

  2. Brenda Brashier

    Chuck Wylde, Ralph Brashier, Christopher Brashier, Jim Brashier

    1. Chuck Wylde

      Me and my brother married mixed indian women from this area that we met in Texas.. my brother’s wife has her choctaw indian card .. mine never got hers..

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